Border agents on horseback round up Haitian illegal immigrants – but not all of them (see UPDATE)


According to the Daily Mail:

[USA Border Patrol agents rounded up the illegals] after closing Rio Grande crossing where 15,000 have congregated under Texas bridge: More than 300 arrive back in Haiti – as up to EIGHT flights a day are scheduled to deal with crisis.

Border agents on horseback chased down migrants illegally crossing the border into the United States to try and join a camp of more than 15,000 immigrants in an isolated Texas town.

Haitian migrants are pleading with Joe Biden not to deport them after being stopped at the United States-Mexico border – as more than 300 returned home on the first flights on Sunday.

The United States Border Patrol began removing groups of mostly Haitian migrants from a makeshift camp more than 15,000 immigrants set up in an isolated Texas town over the weekend.

That’s what the Biden admin says, but you know …

Call me a conspiracy theorist, if you will, but I’ll bet that Biden’s folks won’t deport all those Haitians, just enough to make it look like the Biden crew is doing something. Biden’s administration invited this disaster by announcing last week that they would not deport illegal alien Haitians back to Haiti in the future. The government’s problem now is that it seems that thousands more Haitians are headed across Mexico to our border. Doesn’t seem to me that Mexico would have allowed that many Haitians without any official travel documents to cross Mexico unless Biden assured the Mexican Government that they would allow all those Haitians to gain entry to the USA.


I knew it!

New York Post:

These are not people escaping an earthquake or political unrest or extreme poverty in Haiti, according to one of the most informed border observers, Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies and author of “America’s Covert Border War.”

All the Haitians he has interviewed have been living in Chile or Brazil for the past three to five years.

“I’ve never met one yet who is actually coming directly from Haiti,” he said. “But they will probably apply for asylum on the basis of [problems] in Haiti.”

Bensman has covered the border crisis for more than a year, traveling through Guatemala and Mexico to interview migrants.

The Haitians now in Del Rio were “living a pretty good life [in South America] but they are seeing an opportunity to improve their situation,” he says.

“They say they heard Joe Biden was opening the border up so they came.”

Quite logically, these Haitians — who all have cellphones with social-media access — took up Biden’s offer.

. . .

So, Plan B was to play tough.

The announcement came on Saturday. The Department of Homeland Security was going to fly all the Haitians back to Haiti starting at 3:30 a.m. Sunday. Sigh of relief. Crisis averted.

But not so fast. That’s not exactly what happened.

According to Bensman and other reporters in Del Rio, Haitians who are eligible for asylum (how long is a piece of string?) are being quietly placed in unmarked buses and onto planes and dispersed to other parts of the United States under a cloak of extreme secrecy.

On Sunday, a nonprofit named Church World Service set up a desk and laptop at the Stripes gas station in Del Rio, which doubles as a Greyhound bus stop, to help migrants buy bus tickets and make travel arrangements to New Jersey, Florida and other locations, according to a reporter on the ground from

On Saturday, Immigration and Customs and Enforcement refused to unload two busloads of migrants at a processing center run by another nonprofit, the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition, because the media were photographing them.

“The ICE official yelled at media . . . repeatedly,” according to, and the buses eventually drove away with the migrants still on board, destination unknown.

Why the secrecy? The American people are entitled to know who is coming into their country. It’s a matter of national security.

. . .

It turns out just 327 were sent back to Haiti on three flights Sunday, according to a DHS spokesperson. They were reportedly all adult single males. The rest of the 3,300 presumably are family groups who will be processed and released.

Out of sight, out of mind.

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10 Responses to Border agents on horseback round up Haitian illegal immigrants – but not all of them (see UPDATE)

  1. Menagerie says:

    I never thought they would be deported. It’s all smoke and mirrors now.

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  2. stella says:

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  3. WeeWeed says:

    I’d contribute to a fund to put ’em on buses to D.C. and the Hamptons.

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  4. texan59 says:

    Miss Wee, the pinche gringo is gearing up for another *ss-whuppin’. 😀 😀 😀

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  5. texan59 says:

    My money says this is all an act. The “cop” arrested at the “rally” over the weekend. About as real as the FBI guys who were working undercover. I think he’s a cop, but I don’t think he was ever really arrested. Somebody figured him out and those guys had to show something for all the dress-up they did in their new clothes.

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