Today’s Quote – The Perfect and the Good

Another way to say this is:

Perfect is the enemy of good.

I frequently see comments here, but more often at The Last Refuge / Conservative Treehouse condemning other conservatives, particularly those in government and media, for not being the “perfect” conservative.

I agree that they are not perfect, but I am reminded that I am not perfect. Neither is President Trump, but we tend to let his imperfections pass because we know that his strengths are more important. In other words, “Perfect is the enemy of good”.

I think it is important to remember this the next time we are inclined to discard politicians and media figures because they have political flaws. Here are some examples that I have seen in the past week:

Governor Kristi Noem
Dave Rubin
Tucker Carlson
Dan Bongino
Sean Hannity
Steve Bannon
Governor Ron De Santis (really!)
Senator Rand Paul

There is nothing wrong with calling out a particular flaw or error that you see, but I think it is a mistake to totally discard the worth of a person because they aren’t perfect. Examples just spotted:

I’m sick of Hannity the Grifter. Some of the commentators on ‘our side’ are even more cynically wired than our unambiguous enemies.

Amen, but going after Hannity is easy. Go after the really skilled grifters like Bannon, Woods and Stone and see where that gets you.

So Tucker’s employer is silent when the deep state spies on his employee but Carlson never questions why?
Many of Tuckers topics are brought up 2 or 3 days earlier in Bannon’s War Room.
Sending your children to boarding school so you can fish???

Sorry. Tucker does a lot of good work but ultimately history will view him as a narcissist and a failure.

[re Dave Rubin and Tucker Carlson]: I have no use for either of the men in this interview. I come to CTH to see less controlled-opp, not more. Sundance: please do not help the fence-sitters build their ark.


On the other hand, by all means, keep talking about the flaws of the opposition!

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3 Responses to Today’s Quote – The Perfect and the Good

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Good post. I read a little over at CTH and am surprised at how often I see attacks like these. I usually ignore the commenter after reading a few of their posts like this. I am absolutely shocked at reading the negatives about DeSantis.

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    • stella says:


      Ron Desantis continues to take what appears to be in the right position on issues, still I can not help but remember that he comes from the CORRUPTED legislative branch; so it would not be unreasonable to think that he is being allowed to take these positions so as to assume greater office and power when in fact he is very much part of the whole damn dirty deal.

      That is right – I DO NOT TRUST HIM!

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    • jeans2nd says:


      Agree. My problem is with those who lie, and when called out for being incorrect double down on the lie, and often tell more lies.

      My general target next door is usually the commenter themselves who are telling obvious untruths, which generally makes them more angry, which is why I rarely comment next door anymore. Few do any research but only offer a half-baked opinion which is easily shot down.

      Cannot recall many here who purposely lie, or are offended when proven incorrect.


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