09.01.2001: Attack on the Pentagon

As we all watched/listened in horror, the attacks on our country continued.

9:12 a.m. — Passengers and flight attendants on board American Airlines Flight 77 call loved ones to let them know their Boeing 757 has been hijacked. The plane was en route from Dulles, Va., to Los Angeles.

Then-Solicitor General Theodore Olson’s wife, Barbara Kay Olson, calls her husband to let him know what was happening.

“What do I tell the pilot to do?” he says were his wife’s last words.

9:37 a.m. — The plane crashes into the western side of the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., while traveling 530 mph, killing all 64 aboard and 125 on the ground.

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6 Responses to 09.01.2001: Attack on the Pentagon

  1. tblakney says:

    I am reminded of where I was when the planes struck the towers but years later I have become so skeptical, to the point of cynical about this government and the agencies that are in place to “serve and protect”!!!! We have been failed by this government to the point that citizens are in belief that the government is actually our enemy!!! I believe that the government is the enemy just as much as the Taliban!!! Go figure!!


    • stella says:

      The “government” is not monolithic, even if it seems to be sometimes. I still believe that our government is one of the best, and certainly not as much an enemy as the Taliban.

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      • tblakney says:

        I want to think it’s the best as well BUT look at the past 20 years of failures:
        1. Weapons of mass destruction in-Iraq
        Failure by intelligence
        2. Planes fly into New York landmark killing 4,000 Americans
        3. Failure of FBI to prosecute election fraud
        I could go on and on but these are sample sizes and not to mention the fake mueller debacle!!


        • stella says:

          That is history, and what does it help to concentrate on them? There is always evil and bad people; it has been thus throughout human history. There is much good in the USA, and many good people. Look for those things and you will easily find them. Concentrate on those things and encourage the good rather than seeking out the evil and giving up. Fight for and support the good – even the good that is flawed. President Trump is a good example of a flawed human being who has given much to our country. There are more like him, and they deserve our recognition and support.


          • tblakney says:

            I am not saying there are not good people around and I am not naive enough to judge using perfection as a standard to hold people to but I can hear what you say as a person in the place of power and when you turn your back on an opportunity to do something that you promised that you would do then I got to say that is what got us to where we are!!!


    • czarina33 says:

      Here’s the point: learn from experience. Listen to those who have experience. Choose advisors wisely. If others criticize you, take their criticism, judge it’s merit. If the outcome is unsatisfactory, don’t keep making the same mistakes. There is a reason to study history.

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