Viva Frei: I’m Running for Parliament!

David can no longer remain apolitical. He’s had it.

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3 Responses to Viva Frei: I’m Running for Parliament!

  1. jeans2nd says:

    From his words, it seems David doesn’t believe he can win, but who knows what can happen (other than Our Lord, of course)?
    Kind of cool imo. Wishing David all the best.

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  2. Re-Farmer says:

    When he does his Viva on the Street videos, I noticed he gets “interrupted” quite often, by people who recognize him and say positive things to him. I strongly suspect that his entering the race will be a game changer in his riding. If anyone else were running for the PPC, I wouldn’t expect a win. When the constituents know that David is Viva, I think he has a very good chance of winning.

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