Today’s Twitter pick – Fauci, gain of function research and Covid

He lied to Congress. That’s clear to me. Here’s what he said in 2013.

Here is the entire video. Fauci begins speaking just after 14:00.

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1 Response to Today’s Twitter pick – Fauci, gain of function research and Covid

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Great example of what happens when man abandons Our Lord and substitutes himself as a god.

    Natalie Winters at the National Pulse has been all over this. Doubtful anyone has more or better knowledge than this 20 year old sophomore from the Univ of Chicago.

    One of Natalie’s finds, which corroborates the tweet above –
    ““They (the NIH) have been very supportive of this work. They’ve been very complimentary. In a lot of ways, it’s important to realize that while NIH is administrating, they’re at the frontlines of this. The policy came down from the State Department. The pause is not an NIH directive.””

    Did you catch the State Dept involvement?
    There is more, including concerning Ralph Barric, the Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and all the research done at UNC before the 2014 moratorium.

    Impossible to prove Fauci didn’t lie. Several times.

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