Today’s video pick: America The Beautiful!

A behind the scenes look at Debbie D’Souza (Dinesh’s wife) recording “America The Beautiful” for the movie TRUMP CARD with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra.


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1 Response to Today’s video pick: America The Beautiful!

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Can you imagine the thrill of finally seeing the Statue of Liberty after weeks of an ocean voyage to who-knows-where, giving up all security and family and going into who-knows-what?
    What our grandparents must have gone through, not just to get here, but to survive here.

    And what have we now?
    People giving up nothing – they can always easily go back home – breaking all our laws to come here with their hand out saying gimme gimme gimme, and adding nothing but more misery to those already here by virtue of their own hard work.

    Thank goodness for those like Dinesh DeSousa who remind us when we need it.
    Dinesh is blessed with a beautiful wife with a beautiful voice. A joy to listen.

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