Speaking of infrastructure . . . the “racist” highway system

Pete Buttigieg, April Ryan, A.O.C. and others say that highways are racist.?.?!! Specifically, in this video they say that the Interstate Highway System was built “to keep certain groups in and certain groups out”. It is Pete and Biden’s infrastructure bill that aim to help “black and brown brothers and sisters”, in April Ryan’s words. One way is to remove racist highways in cities. In Detroit, that would mean Interstates 75 and 94, the two main highways in the city.

I’ll try not to make you watch too much of this, but the part about the “racist” highway system starts at about 1:45:

More about it in this video. It’s the second topic, very close to the beginning of the video (right after Kellogg’s LGBTQ cereal):



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6 Responses to Speaking of infrastructure . . . the “racist” highway system

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Haven’t listened to the vids yet, but it seems to me we have the makings of a true miracle here.

    The man who helped de-segregate the U.S. armed forces found a way to run all that rebar and concrete through minority neighborhoods without detection in a highly-racially-charged era.

    But that is not the miracle.

    The miracle is that, even after his death, that same man managed to keep all the same people in the same neighborhoods with no one moving in or out, and did it all over the country!

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    • stella says:

      In Detroit the freeways largely do go through the hood, but a lot of persons of color have moved out of the city to several neighboring suburbs. Proves that there aren’t any walls preventing movement.

      One thing I remember my dad telling me is that the I-75 freeway took out China Town. Is nobody standing up for the Chinese community in Detroit? That same freeway also goes through Hamtramck, which largely was populated, at the time, by Polish immigrants.

      Of course, some neighborhoods populated by other white persons of various heritages (probably lots of southerners who came to Detroit to work in the auto industry) were also affected. Nobody talks about that.

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  2. texan59 says:

    Read the book – The Power Broker, by Robert Caro. A gentleman by the name of Robert Moses did in fact do this exact thing, but it was done in New York City, then he exported it to the rest of the state of NY. He was hailed as a hero in NYNY for years. I think one would call him a bit of a liberal, rather than a conservative. I think the best thing to do with much of this drivel is to ignore it. Much like the woman who threw the hissy fit at the Olympic Trials. Ignore her. Don’t give her the oxygen to become the next Kaepernick.

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  3. Gary says:

    LMAO, Imagine how disappointed they’ll be to learn the truth.

    The Interstate Highway System wasn’t built for us, it is strategic in nature. It was designed to not only move I.C.B.M’s, troops, and supplies as needed in the event of an invasion. If one looks at the paperwork establishing the system you’ll find this requirement in the documents.

    “one mile in every five must be as close to perfectly straight and level as possible to facilitate emergency landing strips for military aircraft”.

    S.R.M. Straight Roads Matter

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Pete Buttigeg is an imbecile. He will say anything.

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