My opinions about vaccinations

I put this comment on the CTH Presidential thread today and started a firestorm!  I did a post about the linked article at Stella’s Place in the past.


Anyway, here is my original comment:

I am not, by any means, trying to minimize the concern of those who fear the Covid vaccine, but I do believe that we have a few people who have joined us in the past few months who have as their main purpose to demonize vaccines in general.

These people are posting links to articles that, in many cases, are frankly misinformation about vaccines written by charlatans who pose as revered scientists and doctors. Yes, that is my opinion only, but I urge each of you to follow up on the information that is being posted and investigate the sources being given. Please read the negatives as well as the positives.

Here is an article that you may find useful in making up your mind about childhood vaccines, in particular, and vaccines in general.

Some of you may know how strongly I feel about the importance of vaccinating against childhood diseases such as rubella, measles, mumps, whooping cough and polio. I have posted about it in the past at Stella’s Place blog. I realize that there are sometimes negative side effects from vaccines, but they are very rare, and no medical procedure is free of potential negative results. In fact, almost nothing we do in life is free of the possibility of disaster.

I know you have read about people who have been harmed by vaccines, but you rarely read about those who were harmed by the diseases that vaccines were developed to protect against.

Please read this article, from The Chicago Tribune, which touches upon the lives of several people who were permanently disabled because they were not vaccinated. I assume that, unlike today’s children, the vaccines were not yet available to protect them. And yet, the disabilities that these people suffer – permanent vision and hearing loss – are relatively minor compared to the possibility of brain damage and death, which they might have suffered, and others did suffer.

The irony is that the success of childhood vaccination has decreased the incidents of these diseases to almost nil in the United States. The fear of those who have experienced ill effects from these diseases is that parents no longer afraid of the diseases because they have never seen them.

I am old enough to remember these diseases and what they can do. My oldest nephew (only a few years younger than I) experienced measles-related encephalitis and suffered permanent damage to his eyesight. I also remember a childhood friend who lived in an iron lung following polio.

Diseases like whooping cough and measles can and do kill babies who are too young to be vaccinated or those who are unable to be vaccinated. German measles, if contracted in the early stages of pregnancy, often causes birth defects. As vaccination rates decline, the chance of these diseases spreading increases. Measles has been spread by children without immunity who contract the disease in countries where it is more wide spread than it is now in the USA. In past years, for example, there was a large measles epidemic in France.

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15 Responses to My opinions about vaccinations

  1. mugzey302 says:

    Yet another reason why uncontrolled invasion of our southern border is a public health risk. There are pix of one guy with SMALL POX, many have TB. But those are the ones seen by Border Patrol, who knows about the rest. All being delivered to our communities whether we want them or not. Biden is violating the worthless immigration law we do have, which is not much. Yes there are two sides to the childhood vax issue. Most importantly, the sheer volume of immunizations stuck in infants and toddlers is obscene. Far more than what we saw in the 50’s forward. My opinion is that they are using our children as lab rats ~ why not? We can’t sue them, after all ~ the corrupt politicians saw to that.


  2. Menagerie says:

    Since I have two grandsons who are autistic, I comment with perhaps a little skin in the game as they say. I do not believe that research has proven to my standard of satisfaction that it was caused by vaccines. Further, I am damned glad that they didn’t have to risk smallpox, measles, mumps, polio and more, which were far greater risks to my generation (I was at the tail end of it though) and those prior.

    Surprisingly enough, I manage to still support vaccines in general while not getting the Covid vaccine right now. Maybe I will in the future, but I want to wait, and I do not consider my risk level high enough to make me decide in favor of it. I don’t see any conflict of interest in those two viewpoints.

    And I don’t oppose those who want it getting the Covid vaccine, although I will always default to a very critical judgement of how any vaccine is produced with respect to aborted fetal cells, no matter how old the line is, or whether it is used in developing the vaccines or just testing. And yes, I know that’s a more severe position than my Church has taken. It is not unreasonable or in opposition to the bishops to say I alone am responsible for my conscience.

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    So that’s what all the broo-ha-ha was about next door.
    I threatened the last guy commenting. Oh well, sucks to be him.

    We all have our own beliefs about vaccines, mostly unfounded. I personally believe in childhood vaccines – Wicked Son was actually re-vaccinated around age 16 – but I believe they should be spaced out a little better, which of course puts more responsibility on the parents.

    I, too, had a childhood friend with polio, much older than I. She passed early.

    As I age I find myself reacting badly to new drugs. Spent a week in the hospital with staph from another surgery, that week on IV penicillin and then a month orally. Had a week off penicillin, then the doc put me back on, and I reacted badly. Go figure.
    Mom nearly died from penicillin when we were very little, but I remember it. Only Our Lord pulled her out.

    My current objection is being told I must take the CCP Virus vaccine. The CCP Virus is similar to a bad flu imo, with treatments available. I will take neither the CCP Virus nor the flu vaccine. Guaranteed the CCP Virus vaccine will need to be changed yearly, just like the flu vaccine. And a pox on the CCP.

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    Last comment eaten by the WP Word Police, Stella, prob from being too long. If it’s not in the trash bin, don’t bother looking for it, my comments aren’t worth the trouble.

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  5. Lucille says:

    CTH was once a daily stop for me, but half the time I forget to even look at the headlines there anymore. If I had looked in and could post at CTH, I would have let them know they were out-of-line for their dissing you. Uncalled for entirely.

    We all get emotional over certain things at some point. But, honestly, learning how to state something without going into attack mode is something we all need a refresher course in on occasion. If a person has done the research and come to conclusions based upon available facts, that should be respected. If a person disagrees with a conclusion, then a reasoned, NOT EMOTIONAL, rebuttal should be provided. Anything else is ridiculous and actually harmful to the human community.

    I’ve said before that I got all the childhood vaccinations when they became available for free via our school district in southern California. No problemo. I also received both kinds of polio vaccines and still have the certificates in the same folder as my passport. Whatever subsequent illnesses and conditions I contracted were in no way that’s provable the result of these often life-saving vaccines.

    If today there were a vaccine for the most prominent types of cancer, likely everyone would be lining up. If someone chose not to partake, that would be up to them. Cancer isn’t contagious, of course, like the truly dreaded smallpox virus.

    This Wuhan virus is another thing entirely. If Donald Trump hadn’t been President and instead Hillary would have been elected, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO POLITICAL MACHINATIONS, no lying by the head of the CDC, no fake record keeping of how victims actually died, no rush to provide an experimental vaccine, and all would have gone the traditional route without a major worldwide panic ruining economies and individual lives via the failures of those economies, depression, drug taking, etc. To me that’s obvious. Others may have a different opinion. Fine. Go at it.

    If a person wants to take the Wuhan vaccine, OK by me. If a person chooses not to take it, that’s none of my business…just like it should be none of government’s business. As of 5:53 PM today, we are still freeborn Americans. The choice should be ours. No questions, no mud-slinging, no forcing participation, no dissing. Nothing.

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  6. Gary says:

    Frighteningly true,

    In the late 60’s the Soviet Union used the U.N. as a platform to recruit the U.S. to enter a joint venture in which the U.S.S.R would use their vast resources would produce a smallpox vax if the U.S. would administer it worldwide. We did and by late 1971 the claim was made “together we have eradicated smallpox from the planet. In 1972 the U.S.S.R announced it had mutated and weaponized the virus and was in sole possession of the antidote. All these years later I have learned not to judge today’s Russia.

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