Today’s cartoon pick – Teaching CRT is unconstitutional

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1 Response to Today’s cartoon pick – Teaching CRT is unconstitutional

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    I often wondered about the deletion of reading of the Bible, pledge of allegiance, etc. that I witnessed as a child in grade school. This was in the 50’s. Yes, the tear down of our country could only happen from within! And happen very slowly. Now I comprehend the minimizing and elimination of Christianity from our public society. I realize now how huge of a move that getting Obama in as our leader was to this movement. How so much was glossed over by our media people. The internet was a massive wake up call to people that seek the truth. No wonder the Left was all for regulating that! I just pray that it’s not too late! I was one of those “boomers” that drifted away from organized religion. May God lead us back to our greatness. MAGA is more than just a slogan!

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