You knew it – but now it’s fact – Fauci is a liar and a political hack

You may have heard that emails that Fauci sent and received about the Wuhan coronavirus have become public, thanks to Buzzfeed and the Washington Post’s FOIA requests. Townhall tells us what they reveal. Here are the high points:


  • Fauci “was told by NIH scientist Kristian Andersen on January 31, 2020, that Wuhan coronavirus looked ‘potentially engineered.’ In other words, it was manipulated in a lab through gain of function research.”

“And yet, that’s not what he said publicly as he rejected the possibility of a lab leak in interviews, during testimony to Congress and during official White House Task Force briefings. On April 18, 2020, three months after being told the virus looked engineered, Fauci told reporters at the White House, unequivocally, it didn’t come from a lab. Most of the media then reported his remarks as ‘debunking’ a conspiracy theory.”

  • Fauci was circulating articles on “gain of function” research on February 1, 2020

At the time talking about the possibility that the Wuhan coronavirus came from a lab-engineered concoction could get you banned from social media, Dr. Fauci was sending attachments titled “SARS Gain of Function.pdf” to colleagues. One recipient would email back saying “the paper you sent me says the experiments were performed before the gain of function pause but have since been reviewed and approved by NIH,” adding another colleague “will try to determine if we have any distant ties to this work abroad.”

Fauci replied “Ok. Stay tuned.”

  • Fauci knew masks didn’t work and told people not to wear them

Townhall also reported on the communications with individuals and media outlets in which Fauci advised against mask wearing for travel, told a medical school dean not to mandate masks, and stated the flimsy masks most Americans were forced to wear were ineffective at stopping the spread of Wuhan coronavirus.

“‘Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection,’ he said. ‘The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.’ Fauci concluded, saying ‘I do not recommend that you wear a mask’ to travel by air.”

  • In March 2020, Fauci thought COVID would stop on its own without a vaccine

“Social distancing is not really geared to wait for a vaccine… Close proximity of people will keep the R0 higher than 1 and even as high as 2 to 3. If we can get the R0 to less than 1, the epidemic will gradually decline and stop on its own without a vaccine.”

See more at the link!

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25 Responses to You knew it – but now it’s fact – Fauci is a liar and a political hack

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Yep, we knew.

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    • mugzey302 says:

      I truly hope this revelation (for those who believed him and the Corporate Media) puts the fear of God in people. Take charge of your own health, research and investigate instead of depending on an overpaid bureaucrat who has investment in Pharma companies. We’ve been had by Covid clowns throughout this scamdemic .Those of us stuck in states with leftie governors should file class action suits to demand compensation for our losses. Not to mention the health catastrophe they’ve caused with this “vaccine” that is, itself, a Bioweapon. It’s a genocide tool. May Almighty God bless us with Shalom.

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    When do these “Charmins” pay a price???


  3. jeans2nd says:

    And you are a poet and don’t even know it!
    That title is wonderful alliteration.
    Sure hope others take the time to read these posts. You are always a font of accurate information in a roiling ocean of Fake News. Thank you.

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  4. Lucille says:

    If he was required to be under oath while testifying, then maybe the lying little faker can be charged with perjury…I’m not holding my breath, of course.

    Amazing that the WaPo and Buzzfeed put in FOIA requests. Is someone actually doing some journalism at those two entities?

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  5. Lucille says:

    EXC: Wuhan Lab Director Told NIH Conference Of ‘No Regulation’ On Chinese Bat Virus Manipulation, Gain-Of-Function Experiments.

    The National Institutes of Health hosted Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers at a 2011 conference focusing on scientific research that could pose a “significant threat” to human health – including manipulation of bat coronaviruses. At the event, the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s Deputy Director repeatedly asserted that his controversial lab had “no regulation” on this form of risky research, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

    The 2011 event – Continuing the Global Dialogue with the Scientific and Science Policy Community with a Focus on Asia and the Western Pacific – was sponsored by the U.S. government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) and sought to provide participants with a “greater understanding” of Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC).


  6. auscitizenmom says:

    Wow. It seems that things around Fauci seem to be moving fast. The bus is coming down the road.


  7. auscitizenmom says:

    From what I heard from Rand Paul on The Ingraham Angle, it sounds like Fauci restarted the gain of function study right after, Trump won the Presidency, 11 days before he was inaugurated. And, then, Fauci said Trump would have a problem with a pandemic. This was ON Purpose.

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  8. Lucille says:

    “It’s Good to be Called an ‘Outlier’ when the ‘In-Liars’ Are What We’re Seeing Here” – Dr. Scott Atlas Gets the Last Laugh on Fauci and the Fake News Hacks and Hitmen
    By Jim Hoft – Published June 2, 2021 at 10:20pm

    Dr. Scott Atlas joined the Trump Coronavirus Team in August 2020. This was months after Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx had spread their fear porn across the country and the developing world.

    Dr. Atlas questioned Dr. Fauci’s irrational and unscientific policies. For this, he was public enemy number one to the political left and the fake news mainstream media.

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  9. tblakney says:

    Duh??? Another government dimocrat lying?? Imagine that!!!!


  10. wee2low says:

    There is something bigger here. Look at the sources of the FOIA requests. BF and Wapo? C’mon. There’s something behind this shiny object.


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