Election Integrity: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time | Robert Barnes

This video is unlisted by Hillsdale at YouTube, for obvious reasons. We are not allowed to say that there was any election shenanigans in 2020 at YouTube!

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6 Responses to Election Integrity: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time | Robert Barnes

  1. jeans2nd says:

    The elect ion was fortified, Stella, fortified, as that nice lady at Newsweek or the Atlantic or one of those rags taught us.
    Must use the correct f word, you know.

    Watched this when it came out. Atty Barnes was excellent. Spoke for nearly an hour with no notes. Amazing guy.

    Atty Barnes has been a busy little guy lately. This is off-topic so just skip on by and ignore this if you’d like. Fri nite last Atty Barnes was on Alison Morrow’s show with Viva Frei, discussing the legalities of vac cines. It is lengthy – an hour and a half – but boy does one learn stuff about the law. Frei also discusses Canada’s rights as a subject of the crown, versus our rights as citizens and (supposedly) in control of our own country.

    “Pandemic & Prison: the legal cases of Covid “criminals” || Viva Frei & Robert Barnes” 1:30:43

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    My other comment is in the trash bin, but if it shows up, watch at least the first half hour of the Morrow vid, if you’ve time. The first 45 min is even better. A little eye-opening.

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  3. glendl says:

    The main problem here is that there is not a common definition of Election Integrity. As far at the Democrats, we had Election Integrity in 2020 because they won.
    For the Republicans and others, I believe the definition is one vote per person, eligible citizens voting, (convicts and most ex-cons are not), no last minute rule changes, photo ID, no ballot harvesting, no drop boxes (I think that is what they were called and probably a couple more things.


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