Rep. Elise Stefanik named new chair of House Republicans

Will she do a decent job? I guess we’ll see. President Trump reiterated his support for Stefanik yesterday. I read this on the website of an ABC television station:

Stefanik has told colleagues she’d serve in the leadership job only through next year, according to a GOP lawmaker and an aide who spoke on condition of anonymity last week to discuss internal conversations. After that, she’d take the top GOP spot on the House Education and Labor Committee, which some consider a more powerful position because it can produce legislation on important issues.

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3 Responses to Rep. Elise Stefanik named new chair of House Republicans

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    She has been awful quiet lately. Almost to the point of not stepping on anyone’s toes! The Conservatives need a real vibrant flag bearer! Someone not afraid of waving that flag to get the attention of our crowd. I don’t see too many of those types of people on our side. Talk is cheap.

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  2. TigerBear says:

    She voted for the equality act and she voted against defunding planned parenthood. Is she really representative of MAGA?


    • stella says:

      Regardless, she is what we will be dealing with for at least the next year. Perhaps she has changed – after all, President Trump is backing her.


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