Hamas rocket attacks vs Iron Dome

I think this photo is amazing.

The image, shot early Friday morning, captured the flames from more than a dozen rockets as they streaked in straight lines from the right, near the city of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip.

On the left side of the picture, the trails from interceptor missiles swirl in the dark sky, leading back to launch sites on the ground.

Israel has claimed an 85 to 90 percent success rate in destroying incoming rockets during the conflict that erupted earlier this week, despite what a military spokesman told The Post were efforts “to overwhelm the system.”

The Iron Dome, developed with US financial and technical support, was first deployed in 2011 against Soviet-designed Grad rockets fired from Gaza toward the Israeli city of Beersheva.

It has the “ability to counter cruise missiles, drones and more,” including “threats that don’t even exist in the field at this time, but will probably emerge in the coming months,” Moshe Patel, head of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Homa directorate, told the right-wing paper Israel Hayom.

The area around Beit Lahiya was the focal point of a massive Israeli bombardment to destroy Hamas’ sprawling network of terror tunnels late Thursday night.

Israel has 10 Iron Dome batteries, AFP reported.

Each battery has a radar detection and tracking system, a firing control system and three launchers for 20 missiles — each with a range of between 2.5 and 44 miles.

They determine instantly whether an incoming projectile is a threat and fire interceptors from mobile units or stationary launch sites only if the incoming rocket risks hitting a populated area or vital infrastructure, according to the report.

The interceptors are designed to detonate the incoming rocket in the air.

Today News Post and New York Post

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1 Response to Hamas rocket attacks vs Iron Dome

  1. Lucille says:

    For about an hour I watched a live feed YouTube from Jerusalem plus news reports. Couldn’t understand what they were saying but they showed missiles being eliminated by the Iron Dome. Fascinating!

    Last evening a friend sent me videos of the broken up streets where the IDF eliminated Hamas jihadis hiding in the underground because they thought Israel was going to send in troops. The underground contained all types of arms and munitions which, of course, ignited. Outsmarted again!

    Go, Israel!

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