Don’t let the door hit you in the *** !

Seems that 100 RINOs are threatening to leave the Republican Party and form a new party.

As the conference indicated that Liz Cheney would be ousted from her leadership position, and as Liz Cheney indicated that she would continue with her Trump bashing, 100 of her dear RINO friends threw a tantrum and threatened to take their toys and go home.

This is great news! It means that MAGA patriots don’t have to start a new party, which would be a risky move, politically. It has the added benefit of clearing out a bunch of non-Republicans (also known as Uniparty members) who are cluttering up the Republican Party.

New York TimesMore than 100 Republicans, including some former elected officials, are preparing to release a letter this week threatening to form a third party if the Republican Party does not make certain changes, according to an organizer of the effort.

… “This is a first step,” said Miles Taylor, an organizer of the effort and a former Trump-era Department of Homeland Security official who anonymously wrote a book condemning the Trump administration. In October, Mr. Taylor acknowledged he was the author of both the book and a 2018 New York Times Op-Ed article.

“This is us saying that a group of more than 100 prominent Republicans think that the situation has gotten so dire with the Republican Party that it is now time to seriously consider whether an alternative might be the only option,” he said.

The list of people signing the statement includes former officials at both the state and national level who once were governors, members of Congress, ambassadors, cabinet secretaries, state legislators and Republican Party chairmen, Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor declined to name the signers. Reuters reported earlier that the former governors Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania and Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey will sign it, as will former Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters and former Representatives Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, Barbara Comstock of Virginia, Reid Ribble of Wisconsin and Mickey Edwards of Oklahoma.

It is Donald Trump and his supporters who are the strength in the Republican Party. It is Donald Trump who won the 2016 and 2020 Presidential elections with more votes than any other President in history.

Based on the named potential signers of the “letter”, it sounds like a bunch of has-beens experiencing sour grapes. I can’t imagine it going very far.


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13 Responses to Don’t let the door hit you in the *** !

  1. stella says:

    On Wednesday, President Donald Trump went off on RINO Republican Liz Cheney after she got “fired” from her position as House GOP Leadership.

    Cheney has made it completely clear in recent months that she will not only backstab former President Donald Trump but also the Republican party in an effort to side with Democrats.

    In response to Cheney’s removal, Trump released a statement.

    “Liz Cheney is a bitter, horrible human being,” the former president said. “I watched her yesterday and realized how bad she is for the Republican Party. She has no personality or anything good having to do with politics or our Country. She is a talking point for Democrats, whether that means the Border, the gas lines, inflation, or destroying our economy. She is a warmonger whose family stupidly pushed us into the never-ending Middle East Disaster, draining our wealth and depleting our Great Military, the worst decision in our Country’s history. I look forward to soon watching her as a Paid Contributor on CNN or MSDNC!”

    Cheney’s bitter hatred for Trump runs deep. Immediately after she was ousted from her job, Cheney rushed to the nearest camera and unleashed on the former President.

    “I will do everything I can to ensure the former President never gets anywhere near the Oval Office,” said the disgruntled GOP Rep.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Yep, hope to see their tales as they leave. 🙂

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  3. Lucille says:

    Mmmhuh, her conservative principles run so deep that she collaborates with the leftist media. Absolutely NO self-awareness to the point of delusion.

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  4. Pa Hermit says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a better Democrat! Good riddance! Take all the losers with you.

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  5. texan59 says:

    Your next to last sentence sums this whole thing up. “…. it sounds like a bunch of has-beens experiencing sour grapes”. Whitman – 74; Edwards – 83; Peters – 72. Everyone of these people are past their sell-by date. Buh-bye!

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  6. TigerBear says:

    Remember not too long ago the MAGA people were ready to form a new party……ROFLMAO I LOVE that ole Liz thinks the threat of rinos and other establishment members forming a new party would inflict pain on MAGA. Their solution in forming a new party will be an absolute boon for MAGA. We get to keep the party and the money! 😉😂🤣


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