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What side is he on, anyway?


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  1. Lucille says:

    It’s obvious to us now, but it wasn’t always. Mostly people thought of Biden as a not-so-intelligent buffoon. During the Obama years we began to recognize Biden as a tool of the Dem agenda but still one that even Obama didn’t trust to do a job well.

    Now that Biden is the front man for his communist handlers, we can confirm all the things he’s always been–hateful, inept, shady and/or criminal, not-too-bright plus now a fully cooperating-with-the-Left operative who gets up in the morning ready to follow the script for the day. And that script is full-on Marxist.

    Here’s a good article from Front Page Magazine yesterday…
    Biden: The Humanitarian Thief – Are we our brother’s keepers?
    Friday, May 7, 2021 by Jason D. Hill

    “He has stated outright that it is time for the richest Americans to pay their fair share of taxes.”

    “The wealthy are not parasitic and unfair takers as is implied in the insidious catchphrase: ‘They must pay their fair share.’ Quite the opposite. Wealth is the material and tangible translation of human values to human desires, aspirations, and creative production. Those who create wealth are the benefactors of a host of social and material goods to non-wealth creators, including jobs, prosperity, and increased standards of living. They have ‘paid their fair share’….”

    We are in a war for the nation. And Biden is definitely the demented figurehead for the other side.

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