General Discussion, Saturday, March 20, 2021

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57 Responses to General Discussion, Saturday, March 20, 2021

  1. stella says:

    Silliness makes me smile!

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  2. Lucille says:


    Spring in the Grand Teton National Park, Mount Moran, Wyoming…

    Springtime in Pennsylvania…

    Spring at the Callaway Resort & Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia…

    Happy First Day of Spring!

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  3. Lucille says:

    Time-Lapse of a Garden Coming to Life….

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  4. Pa Hermit says:

    Today, has arrived!

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  5. cantcforest says:

    Happy Caturday, What is happening with the TreeHouse? I’m getting a 500 Server Error.

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  6. just stevie says:

    Good morning guys! It’s here! S~P~R~I~N~G I’m so happy! 🤗 and I’ve got the nursery/greenhouse fever! I might have to visit a couple places today and see if I can pick up a beautiful plant or two…just because! Have a wonderful day!

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  7. Seneca the Elder says:

    The Tree House is down. Anyone know what’s going on? I too am getting the error message. I hope all is well.

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  8. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin, kids!

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  9. Menagerie says:

    Morning all. It’s spring now? Okay, sunshine here and high in the sixties. I’m ready for you, spring. Looked up info on sending dirt in to the Ag people yesterday, so that’s on the to do list in the near future. Thanks czarina and Stella for the encouragement to do it.

    Well, another season and I still hate liberals. And idiots. And Democrats. That’s redundant. Maybe I should have just said idiots?

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  10. stella says:

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  11. stella says:

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  12. stella says:

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    • glendl says:

      The problem is the media wants us to believe that the Republicans, mainly Trump, are the beneficiaries of this Dark Money.
      They may have a problem explaining why they don’t prohibit dark money since they control the legislative & executive branches.


  13. Lucille says:

    Our beautiful world….

    Earth Views: Earth From Space Seen From The ISS

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  14. JTR says:

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  15. Lucille says:

    Not sure if this will come through…a terrific reminder of what an extraordinary boy he was…and this early success was crowned by his exceptional leadership as our President despite all the lies and trash thrown at him. God bless our duly-elected President, Donald John Trump….

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  16. stella says:

    Excellent. The title is “Feticide”.

    Pro Choicer’s act as if they were randomly stung by a bee and the Pro Lifer’s are denying them the right to pull the stinger out. The more foundational point is; why was your ungloved hand in the hive?

    If you are vigilant about wearing masks during the pandemic and support abortion: Stop to carefully think that through…

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  17. stella says:

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Those pics of Crooked keep running through my mind.
      Two strong young men to help her up stairs, and 2 strong young men to help her down stairs and she still bit the dust going down stairs.
      Must be an American Socialist thing.

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  18. auscitizenmom says:

    Afternoon All. It is funny to get on here and read all the Spring everywhere comments. It was so nice in Ormond Beach all week. And, when we woke up this morning it was very windy, misty, and cold, down in the 40’s. The ocean was just all whitecaps. I think it had rained several times in the night. We stopped at a diner for breakfast after we left the time share. I thought the door was going to be ripped off the car when I opened it. After we ate, we had to walk into the wind back to the car and it almost blew me off my feet. The farther we got away from the East coast, the better the weather became. We were lucky it didn’t move in until last night. Glad you are enjoying Spring.

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  19. Lucille says:

    This sure sounds like Idaho is going to get the Biden-planned invasion. Hopefully we’ll have the guts to pack them all up and send them for the cheapest price to Seattle or Portland or Los Angeles.

    Developing: Biden Admin to Start Flying Illegals from Southern Border to Red States Near Canadian Border on Taxpayer Dime
    By Jim Hoft – Published March 20, 2021 at 11:45am

    Never Forget: Everything the Democrats do is for power. Everything they do is a step toward America’s destruction.

    The Biden border crisis is a well-planned and orchestrated program to reshape the political landscape in America forever.

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  20. Lucille says:

    ‘It Is a Catastrophe’—Rep. Brian Babin of Texas on Biden’s Border Policy
    American Thought Leaders – Jan Jekielek – March 20, 2021

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