War on the US/Mexican border!

I did not know this. Did you? Our southern border problem is much bigger than illegal immigration. We all know that there is human trafficking and drug smuggling. Did you know that there are actual battles between rival gangs, where grenades and other heavy artillery are used, on a regular basis?

When will our government deploy troops to protect our citizens in the southern border areas? No wonder the Biden administration doesn’t want media coverage down there.


President Joe Biden’s army of border officials has blasted his reluctance to label the border situation a “crisis” – as a cartel gun war raged a stone’s throw away from a Texas town.

The President of the National Border Patrol Council, Brandon Judd, explained that the US immigration enforcement is “overwhelmed”, amid a shocking surge in migrants and unaccompanied minors. …

The US Customs and Border Protection have recorded over 396,000 migrant crossings since October 1 last year, the New York Times reports.

The eruption of migrants comes as two rival cartels became embroiled in a bloodthirsty gun battle near Roma, Texas.

Former Texas Border Security Captain Jaeson Jones was nearby in the notorious port of entry from Mexico into the US, when he reportedly saw a substantial shootout.

He told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson: “We were sitting on the bluffs at 7.40 this morning when a large gun battle broke out,” before showing a video of the gunfire.

Jones claims it is a regular occurrence of up to four times a week, as the neighboring town Ciudad Miguel Alemán remains gripped by a long-standing battle between two competing cartels.

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3 Responses to War on the US/Mexican border!

  1. stella says:

    Machine guns, grenades, armored vehicles …

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    We saw a vid somewhere around 2016 of a shootout with the Mexican army or police (who lost the battle), forget which, but that vid did not include machine guns, etc.
    Had no idea.

    News crawler on NewsMax says CBP is using planes to transfer illegals to be “processed” near the Canadian border. Too dangerous at the border for the illegals?

    Our troops are deployed to protect against us, not to protect for us.
    Very sad

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  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    Mexico is shutting down their border on the other side to keep everyone out

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