General Discussion, Saturday, March 6, 2021

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  1. Lucille says:


    Loch Leven, Scotland – Photograph by Joana Kruse…

    Hamnvagnes, Troms County, Norway…

    Have a wonderful Saturday!

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  2. Lucille says:

    Tom Fitton’s weekly update….

    SAY NO TO BIG-TECH CENSORSHIP—Free Donald Trump! Left Seeks to Abuse IRS Info—AGAIN
    March 5, 2021

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  3. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all!

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  4. WeeWeed says:

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  5. just stevie says:

    Good morning! Our two beautiful days are here! Totally sunny and high 60’s ~ you’ll be able to find me in the yard! 🌞

    I love Calvin…he asks a great question! There was a time when we were confident of where our country (and the world to some extent) was and how to process our days. Now, I struggle to get from day to day amongst the lies and deceptions that keep being revealed! Only God knows…!!! No Calvin…it’s not an age issue anymore!

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  6. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ All. What a morning. I took Loki for a walk, came back, and fed her (she ate the dry food with no liquid on it). After that, we went to Publix to pick up a few things, then back home and I had breakfast.

    I was reading on the Internet and Loki started barking and finally, I heard someone screaming and then a child screaming. The dog a couple of doors down had gotten out when one of the kids opened the door and attacked this woman’s dog as she was walking by. She had her little daughter with her, a little Hispanic looking girl who looks like an absolute little doll, somewhere between 1 and 2 years probably, but very small. I saw the attacking dog’s owner come out and pull it away and take it back in. Nobody came out to see how the lady was, so I ran (slowly, like a turtle) down to her and she was fine and her daughter was fine, but her dog who was a little larger than the attacking dog had scratches or a bite on it’s leg. Wonder how this will turn out? I am almost afraid to walk Loki.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Making a police report won’t change anything right now, but it starts a record in case further attacks by the dog happen. imo

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        Yes, I believe there have to be 3 reports now for them to even look into it. My friend’s dog was attacked by a pitbull when she was wallking her on a leash. The pitbull came from out of nowhere, grabbed her 30 lb. Puggle by the neck and drug her off, along with my friend. The puggle has a very thick,long ruff and evidently the pitbull’s teeth didn’t even get through to her skin. But, Animal Control said they couldn’t do anything even though the pitty wasn’t licensed or anything and had bitten someone or another dog before.

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    • Lucille says:

      Outrageous! That dog needs to be confiscated from the owner and placed in an environment where he can learn proper behavior. He’s obviously being ill taken care of by not being disciplined and the neighborhood is paying the price for the owner’s neglect and unconcern about his viciousness. Next time it may be the human child who gets bitten.

      Yes, definitely put in a police report so that if they pile up, he will be removed from the apartment. The irresponsible owner needs to be fined and told she can never own another animal.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        I will leave it to the lady whose dog was attacked to do that. I didn’t actulaly see it, I just saw him pulling the dog away. I will be interested to see what they do with the dog. I think it was a rescue and they are not really capable of handling it. I do know they say they are working with him. They have been here for several years and this is the first time he has gotten loose. They don’t usually have children there, so I think that was a part of the problem.

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        • czarina33 says:

          Czar would tell her to file a civil suit.


          • auscitizenmom says:

            Hi, Czarina, I had a lot of dreams last night. There was a woman sitting on a couch and a young man was beside you, sprawled out sort of upside down on the couch with a big smile on his face. I finally realized it was you and ran over and gave you a really big hug. When I woke up, I had a big smile on my face. 🙂

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  7. stella says:

    Just got a letter from the IRS saying that I should expect another deposit into my account within the next seven days. Hmmm.

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  8. Lucille says:

    “Finish What President Trump Started”-Texas Rep Introduces Bill To Finish Border Wall In Texas
    By ProTrumpNews Staff – Published March 6, 2021 at 10:00am

    Texas State Rep. Bryan Slayton (R) has introduced a bill to finish the border wall in Texas.

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  9. The Tundra PA says:

    Love today’s photo, Stella! One of my favorite things about living in North Carolina (early 1980s) was the dogwood blooming in early spring along the backroads around Chapel Hill. So beautiful.

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    • stella says:

      The company I worked for had an office in Charlotte, NC. I visited there one early spring, and the wood behind the building had dogwoods in bloom under the forest cover. So beautiful!

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  10. auscitizenmom says:

    If all the news this week has gotten to you, I have a suggestion for tonight. I am watching Murder by Death, made in 1976. I love these stories based on Ten Little Indians and this one is so funny. It might perk you up to watch it. It has Peter Sellers, Truman Capote, Eileen Brennan, Peter Falk, David Niven and some others I like in it.

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  11. stella says:

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  12. Lucille says:

    I received a fundraising letter from the RNC the other day and wondered if President Trump approved of their using his name…here’s the answer….

    Update: Trump Sent a Cease-and-Desist to the RNC Demanding They Stop Using His Name
    By Cassandra Fairbanks – Published March 6, 2021 at 3:10pm


  13. Lucille says:

    It’d be most interesting to know what G&C thinks of this. Seems legit but she would know who the good guys and actions are….

    BIG NEWS FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE! Secretary of State Gardner Agrees to Forensic Audit of Windham’s Voting Machines AND Ballots
    By Jim Hoft – Published March 6, 2021 at 7:28pm

    A November hand recount in the Rockingham District 7 NH House Race in Windham, New Hampshire, found that the Dominion-owned voting machines shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN by roughly 300 votes.

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  14. Lucille says:

    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Ballots In Arizona’s Maricopa County Found Shredded and In Dumpster – Days Before Senate Audit To Begin
    By Joe Hoft – Published March 6, 2021 at 7:00pm

    “For months the Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County have blocked and delayed any independent audit performed by the Arizona Senate of the County’s results in the 2020 Presidential election. As we’ve reported previously, after being subpoenaed by the Arizona Senate and then suing the Senate to prevent a Senate audit of their 2020 election results, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) agreed to have an audit if they could pick the auditors. The two firms they picked they claimed were the only two who were certified by the governmental body the US Election Assistance Commission (EAC). However, we found that these firms were not certified at the time they were selected by the MCBOS….”


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