Tucker Carlson explains what happened in DC on March 4 …

This can’t be anything other than a joke. Takes up the first part of this video.

Thanks to auscitizenmom for the tip!

NOTE: If this gets deleted again (twice already), here is the link at Fox News:



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9 Responses to Tucker Carlson explains what happened in DC on March 4 …

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Oh my. Tucker was sure in a mood tonight, was he not?
    Unfortunately, all that Tucker describes is true, and the only reasonable response is one similar to Tucker’s.
    All is so ludicrous one must laugh sardonically to keep from frustrated tears.

    The really sad part of all this is, half the country believes this nonsense Fake News disgorges daily.
    Pot was legalized in D.C., and our “lawmakers” are a walking talking advertisement on why one should stay far away from drugs.

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  2. weather257 says:

    Message: “video has been removed by the uploader”
    Can anyone find another source to play this?


  3. auscitizenmom says:

    I listened to this again. It is just as crazy as it sounded the first time. I was actually LOL. I can’t believe that Nancy thinks we believe her stories.

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