Interesting analysis of Trump’s CPAC speech

More than an analysis of his speech, is an analysis of the people who are advising President Trump, and the turncoats in the Republican Party. What do you think?

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2 Responses to Interesting analysis of Trump’s CPAC speech

  1. jeans2nd says:

    These two guys are so simpatico in their viewpoints, especially when discussing politics, it is easy to miss how much they are thoroughly enjoying themselves (I did, at first).

    Both said they did not hear Pres Trump saying he was going to run in 2024 as they heard on 16 June 2015, rather, they heard the opposite.
    But the two situations are not comparable, imo. 16 Jun 2015 was a direct response to the tripwire of Jeb! Bush’s announcing his own candidacy.
    Pres Trump has no reason nor need to announce this early.

    Both thoroughly enjoyed their shared moaning over Pres Trump’s taking bad advice from advisors against whom they had warned (warned privately? publicly? idk).
    If only Pres Trump had listened to them…

    I did disagree with them on a few points, but that seems to be more their not having knowledge of things I had. So the disagreement is understandable. If anything, they need to give Pres Trump more credit for making his own decisions, and having more compassion for people than any give Pres Trump credit.

    One always learns much from Baris-Barnes, and their conversations are entertaining as well as educational. They always give one many things to ponder.

    Enjoyable moaning. Only in America.


    • stella says:

      I would only say that President Trump has made bad personnel decisions in the past, so keeping an eye on the guys that Barnes/Barris don’t trust isn’t a bad idea.


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