Corey Lewandowski previews Trump’s CPAC address as ‘one to remember’

What can we expect to hear from President Trump this afternoon?

Well, it seems that President Trump is for reforming the Republican Party, rather than forming a new party. My opinion is that he is correct about this, if it is done right, from the bottom up. Forming a new party requires creating a huge country-wide organizational network, while the Republican Party’s is already in place. I don’t think we want to become another Libertarian or Green Party, who (although they are made up of many fine people) have battled many obstacles over the years just to get on the ballots.

While no new party is in his plans, President Trump is about to create a new Political Action Committee that will support MAGA candidates, opposing any politicians who don’t  support the Make America Great Again policy.

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2 Responses to Corey Lewandowski previews Trump’s CPAC address as ‘one to remember’

  1. weather257 says:

    The Tea Party was “a huge country-wide organizational network” that appeared before it’s time. I agree that the GOP needs to become ‘Grand’ again – and now IS the time.

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  2. FYI, Lewandowski is no longer thought of very highly by many in NH. He took so long deciding to run for senate even President Trump told him to make a decision, and make it fast.

    To me even worse was his cutting down other republican candidates such as candidate and retired Army General Don Bolduc.
    During General Don Bolduc’s “33 year career with the US Army, he received two awards for valor, five Bronze Star medals, and two Purple Hearts. He led one of the first groups in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks, riding on horseback to take control of the southern Afghan region from the Taliban. He was also one of the few survivors of both a helicopter crash and a 2,000-pound bomb that inadvertently targeted on his position by friendly fire.
    After returning home to New Hampshire, General Bolduc has been a tireless advocate to combat the stigma around and treatment of post-traumatic stress (PTS). He was one of the few senior military officers and the only active duty general officer on record at the time to discuss his own struggles with PTS. His leadership on this issue and others earned him the nickname of “Captain America” and “Everyone’s General” by his fellow officers and soldiers.
    He has been awarded the Defense Service Medal, the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Army Commendation Medal with Valor Device and numerous awards from our allies.”

    So what does Corey do? – Below are excerpts from 2 GraniteGrok articles:
    In Nov 2019: “Corey Lewandowski is still considering a run for US Senate. He’s been teasing it for so long that people are beginning to get annoyed. Get in already, or say you’re out. It is keeping campaign money on the sidelines.
    In one of a series of Saturday tweets, Lewandowski linked to an article on the website of Manchester, N.H., television station WMUR that reported Donald Bolduc, a declared Senate Republican candidate, had privately lamented his lackluster fundraising and wondered if Lewandowski speculation was a factor.
    Lewandowski, mentioning Bolduc, a retired U.S. Army officer, tweeted that his “fundraising sucks because of the candidate. Not because of anything I did. Look forward to seeing you in September 2020 when you endorse me for the General Election. #TeamTrump.”
    I have friends who think highly of Bolduc and those who don’t. Some say he’s the guy; others say he’s the moderate establishment pick. I don’t know Don Bolduc. What I do know is what I’m hearing. People who write checks to campaigns are waiting to write checks because of Corey.
    That doesn’t necessarily mean Corey is wrong.
    If Bolduc was the candidate they believed could beat Shaheen, would they be writing checks? Enough checks? Corey might see that and maybe sit this one out. The fact that they have not tells Corey something he wants to believe. They are waiting because they think Lewandowski is that guy. … But at present, Shaheen is entrenched and has deep pockets. Defeating her will require a lot of money. The early odds smile favorably on Lewandowski for high-profile support and lots of money … He’s polarizing and close to Trump. He could bring gobs of Trump supporter money into the Granite State that no other candidate, no matter how good, can get. …But your relationship to the President has put us in a unique situation. A lot of people (and dollars) are sitting idle at the starting line waiting to hit the gas and because of who you are and who you know, we can’t seem to get it moving until you make a decision. So decide, one way or the other, for New Hampshire.

    Then in Dec 2019: “Your dramatic pause reached its expiration point a while ago…get on with it”
    “Dear Corey, Look, you and I have known each other for a long, long time.”
    Michael Graham just wrote this (reformatted, emphasis mine):
    Corey Lewandowski says he’s made his decision about a possible 2020 U.S. Senate race and, while he won’t say what it is, he does have a message for the New Hampshire Republicans already in the field: “Don’t bother. You can’t win. If I decide to get into this race, it’s going to send shock waves not just across New Hampshire, but through the country,” Lewandowski said on the John Fredericks radio show Thursday. “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think I would be successful.” He doesn’t have the same confidence in the rest of the GOP field: Retired Gen. Donald Bolduc, attorney Corky Messner and former NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien.
    “I hear the other [NHGOP] candidates can’t raise money for a litany of reasons. If I said today ‘I’m out of the US Senate race’… it’s not like they’re going to raise $10 or $20 million tomorrow. Let’s not kid ourselves. “The only person who potentially can get in this race who has a national profile is Corey Lewandowski. And the only person who’s going to send Jeanne Shaheen home permanently, if I do get in the race, is going to be me.” “People can argue it,” Lewandowski added, “but that’s just the truth.”
    Commenter Torquil2012 wrote: It just seems he either feels he is entitled to it, so takes his time, or is not serious about it and ends up hampering other Republican candidates from effectively preparing for the very fricking nigh campaign. Screams narcissism either way. I was interested in his campaign, but good Gawd, I am no longer interested after this wait period…”

    Then he did not run after trashing other republican candidates and dragging out his decision so long major donors moved on to candidates for other offices in other states.

    Many people here are unhappy about this. Perhaps that is another reason why he has chosen to latch on to Trump and media gigs, along with the money of course. What have you done for NH lately other than make it harder for a conservative run/win for Senate?
    Put a sock in it.


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