Trump’s LACKLUSTRE Impeachment Response – Lawyer Explains – Viva Frei Vlawg

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4 Responses to Trump’s LACKLUSTRE Impeachment Response – Lawyer Explains – Viva Frei Vlawg

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    It appears that Trump is not going to mention the election fraud.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    First off – I’ve not read either brief, so this is strictly going from Frei’s words.

    Back during the fraught days of the Nunes Memo – 2017? – I read the Schiff memo, and observed the Schiff memo read like a tv or movie script.

    The Nunes Memo was the quintessential legal brief, flawless in a court of law.
    The Schiff Memo was used as the tv script that played to the unwashed masses night after night in their living rooms, being presented by the nation’s entertainers.

    The same thing is what has happened here. Schiff and Co have presented the tv/movie script.
    Our President’s legal team whiffed again in a game of T-ball coach pitch.
    Our President is the penultimate salesman and entertainer. How on earth could Our President allow this to happen again?

    And yet, there are little things that point me to reasons for hope for a different outcome.
    Matt Gaetz, speaking on Bannon’s show in the first half hour this morning, has offered to resign and take up Our President’s defense as it should be done. Gaetz is not being reckless. Gaetz knows his constituents will re-elect him in the next election.
    As an aside – Gaetz knows Mr Tik Tok Hannity is dead wrong, and appears on said show to present the alternate view.

    In the end, Our Lord is always in control. We’ll see what happens.

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