Biscuits – an heretofore unknown (to me) recipe

We have talked several times about the proper way to make biscuits, especially about the kind of flour to use. I recently obtained a bag of White Lily self-rising flour, and they do produce good biscuits.

This recipe contains equal parts of flour and mashed potatoes. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will. I do trust this guy’s evaluation of recipes, though, and I love potatoes.

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14 Responses to Biscuits – an heretofore unknown (to me) recipe

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Biscuits and sausage gravy, my fave breakfast of all time!

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  2. hoosiertruthfan says:

    I’m a collector of old cookbooks. It’s so much fun to pull them out and play with something I may not have done previously.
    I taught myself to bake and then to cook. My mom loved cooking and baking but not teaching. My work around was to bake/cook late at night. There were some disasters but most of the time the family woke up to a delicious aroma and something to enjoy for breakfast or later in the day.

    My recent challenge is adapting lifelong favorites to a celiac diagnosis. Being gluten free changes everything in the food world. I miss the breads a lot. It would be interesting to try potato biscuits. A favorite of mine is gnocchi, just had it for lunch, so potato can yield some delicious products with great texture.
    I bet they’re right, you’d want those biscuits on a greased pan to give a nice crispy bite out of the oven.

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    • stella says:

      Yes the biscuits are cooked on a greased pan! Unfortunately, both the biscuits and the gnocchi contain wheat flour. I suppose the gnocchi could be made with another kind of flour. I’m not sure about the biscuits, though.


      • hoosiertruthfan says:

        I’ve found a great GF gnocchi I use called Corabella. Price is good and the taste is the best of any I’ve tried. I get creative with my sauces and could easily have gnocchi once a day but limit myself to a couple of times a week.

        Getting breads right GF is tricky. I’ve tried some of the flour blends most of which are meant to be 1;1 for any recipe. They use a mix of sweet rice flour, rice flour, cornstarch and so forth. None yield exceptional results but it doesn’t stop me trying. 🙂

        It’s weird how the different flours change the texture and mouth feel. Even thickening up gravies and sauces can be challenging. GF flours tend to give them a grainy texture which isn’t ideal.


  3. JTR says:

    Potato Biscuits made with sweet potatoes is good too!

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  4. just stevie says:

    I’ve been watching the ‘Glen and Friends Cooking’ for awhile now. I enjoy his Wednesday cocktails too from old bartender books.

    …and for those GF friends…I’ve been testing out Einkorn flour. It has much less gluten than most flours and I can tolerate it much better than the store bought shelf flours. It’s not GF but it’s a ancient grain that hasn’t been hybridized…and organic means no GMO or sprayed with glyphosate herbicide.

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    • stella says:

      I have been watching Glen for a long time now too. He’s a favorite. A new favorite is Helen Rennie. She’s a Russian immigrant who lives in Boston. Came to the US when she was 13.

      I haven’t tried Einkorn flour yet, but I do love to eat Farro, which is another ancient grain. This recipe for Farro mushroom risotto is the bomb! I made it recently, and plan to make it again this week.


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