Bill Whittle: Contempt of Congress

Because it isn’t enough that people accept that Joe Biden will be inaugurated next week. The left wants each of us to admit that we were wrong about the election, and if we won’t admit it, then we are crazy and unpatriotic and possibly traitorous.

Here is what Bill has to say about this phony impeachment attempt and the people who are doing it and think it’s a good idea. It is to impeach us as much as President Trump. It’s to rub out noses in it.

Another aspect of government that the Left has destroyed. But we can fix it.


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1 Response to Bill Whittle: Contempt of Congress

  1. glendl says:

    The blatant arrogance and contempt for America & her people.
    No matter what Democrats/Leftists do, we cannot stop them. Neitzche’s Law of Gradualism has been reached.
    They will be stopped, but that is for another day.

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