What do you think? Snowden: Traitor or Hero?

Eight years ago, Edward Snowden revealed government secrets. He told the world that America, illegally, spies on Americans, and most everyone in the world.

While spymasters told Congress and the public that the NSA did not spy on Americans, Snowden, on the inside, working for the CIA and then the NSA, could see the truth. “I saw everything… we were capturing everything that your family is doing online, that your friends are doing online,” he said. “This became such a concern to me, that I was willing to risk a great deal to tell people,” he adds. He did risk a great deal. Now he’s in exile.

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10 Responses to What do you think? Snowden: Traitor or Hero?

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Back when all this came out, I thought he might be a traitor because they said he was selling secrets, etc. I wasn’t real strong in that belief, though. So, sometimes I would say yes and sometimes I would say no. But, after all that has happened in the last 10 or 15 years, especially the last 4, I realize there was no other avenue for him. The real traitors are Hillery and the rest of that bunch under Obama.

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    Bingo, this was taken to whole new level. You are prolly a helluva lot closer to the truth than you realize! Lots and lots of money has been transferred! It’s a big club and you and I aren’t in it! The really sad part is out MSM is totally complicit in the charade!!!

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  3. Lucille says:

    Excellent video. I agree with Aus. At first I thought he was a traitor because that was the narrative. With no other information available, it seemed Snowden was exaggerating, probably a bit nuts and maybe hoping to make some money out of the deal, too.

    Now with so much info available of how corrupt our government has become, I believe that Snowden is a man who looked at a situation, knew that his job and those of others was basically spying on fellow citizens against the law, and decided to reveal what he was doing, even though there would be consequences. That he was not willing to pay the penalty for his revelations as the law prescribes may taint his heroism somewhat. However, REALLY, in the end he did pay a huge price, but merely not the one the law demands.

    When the question is personalized, however, you realize that you don’t have the right to judge how he handed it. You don’t even know how YOU would handle such a circumstance. He was winging it as any common man would do who is not used to Machiavellian thought processes and actions. Probably what I would have done was to quit the job, walk away, and not ruin my life. But I don’t know. You have to be awfully sure that revealing what you know is the right thing to do in order to maintain justice and freedom.

    If President Trump decides to pardon Snowden, I’ll have no problem with it.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      You know, now that I have thought more about it, he did exactly what we all felt the people working in the FIB or CIA should have done and didn’t. They stayed silent.

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      • Pa Hermit says:

        Silence can be deafening, no? Those blowing tru blu whistles are young with little in the pension department. Kinda reminds on of the old Air Wing C.O. talking to new recruits: We have old pilots and bold pilots, but we have no old/bold pilots!

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  4. Dan says:

    He is a hero and should be pardoned.

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  5. tblakney says:

    Hero!!! Knowing what we know now about Bam Bam, Clapper, Comey and Brennan!” Pardon him and Assange now!!

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  6. glendl says:

    Probably, neither. I am leaning toward more of a Traitor than hero, but not a lot more. I do not approve of the mass surveillance. It is not that they conducted mass surveillance in violation of the law, but they lied about it.
    I am not sure if it could have been handled in another way. I believe it still continues,

    But how can he be punished and the top level criminals walk free with their pensions. I would add Hillary, McCabe, both Ohrs, Strzok, Page, Holder, Yates, Lynch, and a few more to the list above.

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  7. nyetneetot says:

    I still can’t believe that my first post next door, was a Snowden post.

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