RIP Walter Williams – we will miss you

The College Fix

Walter Williams, a venerable economics professor at George Mason University who is considered one of the nation’s greatest defenders of free-market economics, has died. He was 84.

He not only influenced countless young scholars with his conservative brand of economics, he also helped educate the masses through his popular syndicated column.

His overall career spans some five decades, during which he bluntly and tirelessly warned all who would listen that big government hurts the poor and marginalized the most, among other important messages.

In a speech in 2017, Williams pointed out how “academia is not what it was in 1967” when he started teaching.

“Socialistic” professors now “use their classrooms to proselytize students,” which Williams called “a cowardly act to take advantage of student immaturity” before their pupils have learned the skills to examine a range of opinions.

All morality starts with private property, according to Williams. “We each own ourselves,” yet we tolerate the government using two-thirds of the federal budget to take one person’s property and give it to another, which is “a fairly good working definition of slavery,” he had said in his speech.

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7 Responses to RIP Walter Williams – we will miss you

  1. Lucille says:

    Oh, my goodness! Such a loss! Sweet, lovely man besides being a great scholar, thinker and writer. He fought the good fight. R.I.P., Walter Williams!

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  2. Sharon says:

    He will be deeply missed by so many. I got introduced to him via Rush’s program many years ago.

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  3. Fred says:

    We have lost a Great man….

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  4. Rod Tondreau says:

    One of Rush Limbaugh’s first guest hosts. Like most great teachers, Mr. Williams made the complex understandable in the field of economics. My condolences to his great friend, Mr. Thomas Sowell, another great economist.

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  5. glendl says:

    I am saddened by the news, I had not seen it in the news.
    He was a truly great man who overcame obstacles that the youth cannot imagine.

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  6. jeans2nd says:

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  7. glendl says:

    A truly great man has passed. I have always wished he would have served in Govt as the Sec of the Treasury, Council of Economic Advisors, etc.


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