LIVE: Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election

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14 Responses to LIVE: Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election

  1. jtrstill says:

    Very interesting stuff they are finding out!

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    They are rushing to certify the results before people find out what happened.

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  3. oldfiredude says:

    is the CTH doing ok? I still cant see any new activity since yesterday. tried clearing cache and cookies and no luck…

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    There are so many irregularities with this election. It is easier to get people to listen when there are just one or two big things wrong. There are big things and tons of little things.

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  5. jeans2nd says:

    Have been listening to this most of the day.
    Holy cow, when Dr Shiva hit Dredd Scott and then the poll tax, it seemed like we just might have found a group who might take this seriously.

    Couple the info from today’s hearing, plus what we now know to be true re: Gen Flynn and Attys Powell and Wood, and by george we see a plan emerging, like a phoenix from Phoenix (oh isn’t she clever blah blah blah…).

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  6. Doug43 says:

    (I was going to post my comment on this a few days ago on the CTH post about this subject, but ran up against the CTH site migration. It did not occur to me to look here at Stella’s Place until I saw a twitter comment about going here until the migration issues are resolved. But here it is, updated, but better late than never:)

    It is nice that a few “select” members of the Arizona legislature are involved in this, but this Monday meeting was NOT an official hearing of the Arizona legislature. They have been in adjournment since May and are not currently in session. Hopefully the hearing will get something moving in Arizona, but no one should get their hopes up too much that anything will be done unless the legislature can be called back into session OR a judge issues an order to do something. I think the latter is the best bet, as I will explain. The wrong electors were certified by the Democrat AZ Secretary of State yesterday and they will vote in the Electoral College on Dec 14 unless something happens very soon.

    The next regular session of the Arizona legislature convenes on January 11, which is too late. A special session of the legislature could accomplish something, but one needs to be called right away. There are only two ways for that to happen – either Governor Ducey calls one on his own volition, or not less than two-thirds of the members of each house of the legislature petition him to call one and he agrees to it. There is no way enough legislators will petition Ducey. The Republicans are in the majority but don’t hold enough seats in either house and there is no possibility any Democrat would sign on to it. And don’t assume Ducey will be inclined to do anything on his own. He will have to be pushed and pushed hard to do anything. It will take a significant court opinion and/or massive public outcry to convince him.

    Even if there was a large enough Republican majority in the Arizona legislature, don’t count on them. Most are beginning or small-time politicians and will not go out on a limb on their own. When Ducey started issuing his illegal Covid executive orders in March, not a single legislator, either Republican or Democrat, said boo about it. Take a look at any of his executive orders from March to July and look up the statutes cited in them to see if they actually gave him authority to shut down businesses and all the rest of it. They do not. And there is no general clause giving him all that authority. When the State AG, Brnovich, finally got involved over the Summer with a challenge to one of them, subsequent executive orders started including severability clauses. That is very telling. Still just as unauthorized by statute, but less likely now for a whole order to get struck down. I’ve seen a lot of Arizona executive orders going back many years and never saw a severability clause in one until this Summer.

    Ducey’s executive orders could have been perfectly legal if he had done one thing – call a special session of the legislature to get them to give him the emergency authority he felt he needed. That is the method specifically mentioned in State law for emergencies such as a pandemic. He could have called it in March, right in the middle of the regular session that was then in progress, and it would have taken priority. Instead he just started issuing his decrees, and I am not aware of a single legislator, Republican or Democrat, who objected to them or not being called into a special session. They were all silent. Not one wanted their name attached to the Covid shutdown rules and other excesses, even though what Ducey did was far less than what many other Governors did.

    No, do not get your hopes up that the Arizona legislature will actually do anything controversial, and nothing, not even Ducey’s Covid decrees, could be more controversial than intervening in the outcome of this election. Don’t expect Ducey to do anything either – he took part in certifying the wrong electors yesterday. Also, he’s term limited and word is he wants to run for U.S. Senate in 2022. That would be for the seat Mark Kelly just won (or did he really?), which is the final two years of the last term McCain won in 2016. Most Republican politicians in this state do not want to offend Cindy McCain, who has become something of a power broker in AZ. Neither Ducey or any of the Republican legislators want to lose any chance of McCain support and funding. Cindy hates Trump and does not take kindly to any Republican who does or says anything remotely pro-Trump (I think she is a Democrat and always has been, but that is another subject). No, don’t get your hopes up that any of them will do anything. It will take a massive groundswell of public opinion in favor of overturning the Arizona election results to get Ducey or enough of the legislature to get off their backsides.

    The best chance, and I think the only chance, of getting anything done with the Arizona results is the judicial route, but where is the case in Arizona that might produce the needed result? The clock is ticking.


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