PRESIDENT TRUMP – Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo

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13 Responses to PRESIDENT TRUMP – Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Now how about that? “Video unavailable.” I’ll try again. It said you have to go to YouTube. That works.

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  2. Maria did a great job as per usual – she’s the BEST news host out there. Our President Trump was in good form as well. He obviously knows everything that’s done- all the crimes, all the fraud and the fact that he won the election in a landslide.

    Maria pressed him on a few specifics about the timing and a path to the Supreme Court, but no dates were forthcoming. The President did say that he was giving 125% of his energy to stopping the steal and that the whole world is watching.

    One thing that bothered me was the implication that they are having difficulty getting to the SC which really pissed me off. It seems like every penny ante case can get cert, why not the crime of the century?

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    • Patience says:

      “Where’s Durham?”
      “Where’s the DOJ?”

      Was he serious or playing possum?
      ~>Our Lion said he’d never let the enemy know plans ahead of time.

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      • Maria has never wavered in her support of our President Trump. You could see how utterly pissed off she was as she was asking her questions.

        And as the President himself even pointed out, the JUSTICE DEPT. AND FBI ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

        F***** BARRZINI and the rest of them. They are criminals.

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    I feel like President Trump is setting the scene or what is going to happen.

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  4. MIKE says:

    I picked December 19th for the launch date- Ratcliffe’s 45 day requirement wait before he issues and distributes his election findings, plus one.
    Next to last “box”, as in jury box. The only box left after that is the cartridge box.
    This may be a “ use it or lose it” moment of the Nth magnitude.


  5. realeyecandy1 says:

    Just stopping in to say hello

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