They need to get a grip (the media, that is)

Greg Kelly at NewsMax says what we are all thinking. What has happened to big media? Greg thinks they are lazy, go with the flow, are all out for book and movie deals. Whatever has happened to the independent journalist who develops a story?

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6 Responses to They need to get a grip (the media, that is)

  1. mugzey302 says:

    They are OWNED by the globalist cabal intent on overthrowing Trump’s presidency. They’ve been working on it for 4+ years now. They are nothing but propaganda for the globalist cabal, and social media is also complicit. They all try to convince us that the numbers of radical left supporters is overwhelming. That’s a lie. And, most of them are PAID crisis actors. America needs to wake up. Mainstream media is the enemy.

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  2. Menagerie says:

    Good video, and especially the parts about the media not deserving credibility anymore, and the inclusion of the Biden fraud clip. But I keep coming back to one thing. The people, the voters especially.

    We have a great burden in this country, and in every country, as near as I can tell. No one wants to be accountable anymore. Not in their own life, and so by extension, they cannot look truth in the eye.

    These media people have a great and powerful voice in our country because half of us have chosen to cede it to them and never call them on it. And the so called leaders of our side are imposters. How do we deal with Biden supporters who deny what he actually says? When it does not matter at all to them, reality?

    When we started the Treehouse, in our conversations, especially amongst the admins, I used to say that we can’t reach so many people, but there are those who will wake up. Yes, we’ve seen that. But we still let the other side advance in lying, cheating, violence, theft. We must find a way, no matter how fearsome, to stop them.

    Is half the country ready to take action if the courts fail us? Will that action be a massive swell of refusal to recognize an illegitimate government? What will happen next? What should happen next? Who will our leaders be? How can we unite together in unity and action?

    I don’t see these questions being asked, which means we do not have answers. I absolutely hope the courts restore power to the legitimately election officials. Even so, what then? The left will come unglued with violence. I don’t have answers, but I sure have questions, and determination not to give in to tyranny. And that gets me to exactly nowhere.

    One thing I cannot see us surviving. Going on, business as usual with lots of anger on our side, condemnation, but just keeping our head down until 2024. No election ever, ever again will matter after this one if we don’t win it and we just let go.

    Thanks for a thought provoking video Stella.

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      The Great Burden…

      To clean the corruption up is not only for the American People but for the People all around the World

      Who have lost their freedoms because of it

      Just to think about Venezuela a once prosperous vibrant beautiful place is in the clutches of and ruled by corrupt politicians who committed voter fraud to get there and now the people of Venezuela live in poverty

      And now let us not leave out our very own American Politicians who took kickbacks to participate in the overthrow of the US Government in an attempted to do the same to us… 🇺🇸

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    This was a very good video. I just so wish this could get out to the people who don’t believe this is happening. So many of the people who voted for Biden just voted against Trump and don’t really have any idea what Biden stands for or what he will do.

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