General Discussion, Tuesday, November 3, 2020

If you haven’t already …

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  1. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ kids!

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I have voted already last week. I went early because I wanted to make sure nothing stopped me. And, my friend has voted………….and unfortunately, two of her friends that I know of voted……for Biden and then dressed her down for voting for Trump. 🙄

    Mornin’ everyone. As my Florida friends say………”It’s freezing outside”………60*. Gotta go, have to get regular bloodwork done.

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    • stella says:

      I voted by mail and got confirmation that my ballot was received. It will be counted today.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        We’re going down to our polling place, a rural volunteer fire department building,

        Big ticket items locally will be ‘medical marijuana’ and the Republican Senator’s seat race. State government isn’t happy about the weed vote, refused to put it on the ballots in the past but the backers got enough names on a petition to get it on the ballot. To limit votes the state put an alternate position on, limiting its use to only those in a terminal state.

        Republican Senator Cindy Hype-Smith is running against Rat Mike Espy. You may not remember him but he was the Secretary of Agriculture under Clinton who, just about a year into his term had to resign over accepting ‘gifts’ and government perks. He’d fit right in with the Bidens.

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  3. Trom says:

    I don’t why but my eyes say landslide but I am still nervous. I guess this election has so much riding on the outcome, and for me, the biggest election in my lifetime!!!

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  4. czarina33 says:

    So, here in seriously red country we are in a gerrymandered district of Dems. We will go to our tiny fire station to vote after I return from seeing my patient at the local, rural hospital. There are 664 registered voters for our voting district, and they travel from as far as 8 miles away to get there. Really don’t expect any craziness here today or in the days to come. More worried about NO.

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  5. stella says:

    After the whining in Texas last week about how Trump supporters harassed the Biden/Harris bus …

    (Seen on Facebook)

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  6. Morning All 🙂

    Our town in NH is just over 15,000 people. Over 10,000 have now registered to vote! 75% of new people registering at the primary (mostly from states other than Massachusetts which is unusual) registered as republicans! Trump won our town in 2016 by a little over 50%.

    The problem here is a judge who just ruled that out of state students living at home in other states can vote here in NH even though they are not physically here, they are home!!!! AUGGHHH! I don’t know if there was enough time to contest it. There should be a cutoff for election lawsuits and law changes far enough before the election that it can be rushed to scotus if needed. They do this every year in NH. If it were not for the radical colleges here, I have proven by the actual statistics that Trump would have won in 2016, and NH would be red. This is the only reason Trump would not win NH in 2020. Please dear God, let Trump win – let us win. amen. I think Trump will win. I’m just worried about all the forms of voter fraud.

    Update from someone who voted at 7am when polls opened. It was 35 degrees & around 15 mph wind gusts = 25 degrees wind chill factor:
    “Took 20 minutes to get the car up to the high school and then a long line out the front of the school all the way down to the road. Big turnout!”
    If he means the line to vote was down to the street about (1300 feet) and not the school driveway (about 400 feet)* – that’s amazing! These people are not doing that for Biden! Trump will at least win our town! We are going this afternoon.
    *(Yes I’m a geek and measured it on then town map).

    Anyone interested in local updates from NH go to today’s open thread at
    I’d be interested to read other such local/state threads about voting today, as well as anyone reading here 😉

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  7. stella says:

    Amazing photography!

    “10+ Dramatic Photos That Look Like Accidental Renaissance Paintings”

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  8. SisJustJen says:

    Sunny Election Day in Wisconsin, preparing for a repeat of 2016, once again revealing the massive hubris of the self proclaimed elites and swamp denizens.
    Here’s a cheerful song from 4 years ago. President Trump loves America. He’s a unifier.
    The People of this rare and precious nation LOVE THEIR COUNTRY.
    Thanks Stella. Can’t resist.
    Take Courage!

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  9. czarowniczy says:

    Went out for milk and birthday cards (today’s Czarina’s birthday) and noticed there’;s still a lot of trucks and cars out flying full-sized ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flags with Trump flags. Police homes are also flying both flags, notta lotta Biden flags out – none, in fact.

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  10. Just voted about 3:30pm here in New Hampshire. No backup on road entering from back of school. Got a good parking space. About 75% of sign holders and candidates were republican. Only 2 people in front of me to show ID & get ballot. A little line of a minute or two to put paper ballot in machine. Spoke with registrar. They had registered 350 people so far today. (About 15k population & 10k already registered). Happily, we have enough parking spaces, as well as individual booths in which to vote, so I think that keeps the lines down unless you go at one of the rush hours before or after work.

    When leaving I said to the republican sign holders “voted RED – Remove Every Democrat” – they all laughed & said they were going to remember that, that’s good! So, thank you to all the comments where I read that! Left by the main road & there was a continuous line of cars going in. Saw 3 pick-ups with US & Trump flags when driving in and out of the HS – never saw that before in town! 🙂 I’m guessing this is going to be the largest number and probably % of eligible voters to ever vote in this town. It was a beautiful day – sunny with beautiful, colorful foliage this year. I was thinking how grateful I am to God to live in this great country. Trump will win, IMHO.

    Just Heard Howie Carr speaking with Eric Trump on the radio. Eric thinks they have a (slim) chance to win NH. Not having as many out-of-state college students here makes a difference. It would be nice to actually have the citizens of NH actually get to choose our own elected officials for the 1st time in decades!

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  11. nyetneetot says:

    I went and voted as soon as the polls opened. I wasn’t asked to participate in the exit poll. I must not have looked like I’d give good answers or something.

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  12. Here’s some fun from the Babylon Bee. Those of us here in NH due to liquor stores being run by the state and open during the “plandemic” while churches are closed or under restrictions, will appreciate an added layer of irony.

    Liquor Stores Win The 2020 Election
    November 3rd,2020

    U.S.—As the country nervously awaits the results of the election, surprising results are emerging from informal exit polls across the nation. According to exit polls, one clear winner is emerging from the 2020 election: liquor stores.

    “Yeah, I just voted,” said Philly local Jack Broward as he snagged 5 or 6 bottles of whiskey from the shelf. “If you’ll please excuse me, I have to go home and drink all of these now.”

    Industry analysts confirm that liquor stores have seen an
    increase in business leading up to the election of over 32,000%. Experts
    predict that growth will only continue as election week drags on.

    There are several other industries expecting big wins coming
    out of the election as well. Food distributors are stocking up on cheesecake
    and ice cream in case of a Trump win, and gun manufacturers are stocking up on
    ammo in case of a Biden win.

    Smith & Wesson is offering an election value pack that
    includes a cheesecake, an assault rifle, and a liter of Jack Daniels. According
    to sources, they sold out in 12 seconds.

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  13. czarowniczy says:

    And on the non-election side, our blonde BD dog done snuk over to the burn-trash pile. She now has multiple, irregular and differing direction black streaks on her face, muzzle and head. She looks like an extra in ‘Apocalypse Now!’.

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  14. I do not use twitter, so can someone please post this to President Trump, and his family and associates’ twitter accounts? This man is awesome! God Bless him!

    We all know Pres Trump does not like the cold, so maybe he can give this man a shout-out 😉

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