Trump Contribution from a Reader – A Campaign Song


I received an email today from someone who has been reading for quite a while, but not commenting. She’s like most of us – just normal Americans who are living our lives, but who care about our Nation.

Our contributor has written a song for Trump, and wants to share it, so here it is:



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6 Responses to Trump Contribution from a Reader – A Campaign Song

  1. amwick says:

    Wow,,, I can’t believe that sounded just like someone that was a pub performer on our last cruise… A great song, very professional, very moving. TY mystery singer/songwriter!!

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  2. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Great song!! Ad Rem or Sharon. I think these two beautiful ladies conspired on this music venture… Thank you ladies…..

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  3. lovely says:

    What a beautiful, warm, inspiring, unapologetically America strong, America first song. We the ordinary citizens will take our country back!

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Love it. It makes me think of some of the music of WWII which was so uplifting and encouraging. I had to applaud when it ended. 🙂

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