FCC position on Twitter and Facebook censorship …

As you know there has been tremendous criticism of these social media giants regarding censorship of the New York Post stories about Hunter Biden deals with Ukrainian and Chinese interests.

Here is the statement released today by Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman:

Tom Johnson, General Counsel for the FCC, issued this statement via Twitter:

As you know, several Senators have discussed issuing subpoenas for the heads of Twitter and Facebook to appear before committees regarding their censorship practices.

We don’t know right now how this will turn out, but the statements by the FCC Chairman and FCC General Counsel are positive indicators that something concrete might actually happen.

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14 Responses to FCC position on Twitter and Facebook censorship …

  1. stella says:

    I think we broke Twitter. I tried to retweet the above tweet, and Twitter says they are “over capacity”. I made an image and tried to tweet that, and was unable to do so. Message from Twitter?

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  2. czarowniczy says:

    But is it enough to blunt the Biden momentum? I can’t see dedicated anti-Trumpers suddenly seeing Biden as the Greater Evil and not voting. Many younger people see theft by politicians as not as bad as the social crimes the media’s groundlessly accused Trump of, his alleged social crimes are worse – in their eyes – than the usual theft by political figures.

    I hope there’s enough time for formal charges to be filed against Biden Jr but I’m not sure they will be. If Biden wins there’ll be a delay as as new DoJ is formed, public interest will die down and at some future Friday before a 3-day major holiday a report accusing Biden of some minor misunderstandings of international business law, misreading Chinese emails and bad table manners.


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