Today’s “Radio Rally” on the Rush Limbaugh show


Remember – that’s 1:00 pm ET today on your local radio station!

If you are interested in participating today in the virtual rally with President Trump and Rush Limbaugh, fill out the form on this page:

Special Notes for Rush

Here the scoop – Washington Examiner:

On his radio show Thursday afternoon, Rush Limbaugh said Trump will join him on the airwaves Friday as part of a “virtual rally.”

“I’m thrilled to announce that our commander in chief, President Donald Trump, will be right here tomorrow hosting the largest virtual rally in radio history,” Limbaugh said during his show on Thursday. “It will be special, and I am really looking forward to it.”

Trump has been eager to resume campaigning only a week after he tested positive for COVID-19 a week ago, and Limbaugh’s show provides an opportunity for the president to address his supporters remotely. Trump participated in his first TV interview since getting sick with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo on Thursday morning, when he said he would not participate in a virtual debate against Joe Biden next week.

Click here to find a list of stations in your listening area:


Or you can listen live on the internet via sites such as Talk Stream Live or iHeartRADIO.

Visit here for everything Rush:

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24 Responses to Today’s “Radio Rally” on the Rush Limbaugh show

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Wow, had no idea there was a sign-up, Stella. Thanks for doing the work to find this all.

    The lol on all this is, Beijing Biden is now owed equal time on all these radio stations.
    What Beijing Biden must do is contact each and every radio station that broadcast this within 7 days, and ask for his equal time.
    Heck, that’s enough enjoyment right there to warrant giving POTUS the air time.

    This will be fun. Thanks again, Stella.

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  2. HillariousClinton says:

    Rush is on at 12:00pm EST, not 1:00pm as the headline states. Don’t want to miss anything…. 👍🏻🇺🇸

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  3. stella says:

    One comment:

    I wish the President would let Rush lead him better here. He has a tendency to wander off topic.

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    • My husband rolled his eyes, threw up his hands, walked out of the room, and went back to work. You know I love this country and am voting for Trump, but he is a lousy public speaker.
      I can’t listen anymore. What a waste of precious air time.


      • stella says:

        I don’t think it’s a waste of time, but I DO think it could be better!

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        • Yes you’re right.
          My thought is that Trump will not lose people like us, but there are undecided people who have never heard what he is saying, and his method of speech makes it harder to understand him. THAT is what is a waste of precious airtime.
          Also, he was asked what his supporters could do help, and he never even came close to answering the question!
          The 1st question Rush asked, which was the most asked by the public, was about healthcare and pre-existing condition coverage. I watched the clock as he rambled on and finally after 2 minutes heard a very fast “no” (that he will not deny pre-existing conditions).
          I think a lot of people really can’t understand what he is saying because of his method of speech. Don Jr has the same machine gun method of speech, but at least he stays on topic better.


      • jeans2nd says:

        This is how the mind of some of us work, G&C. You would lose it listening to Wicked Son and i. DIL gave up long ago, and just leaves us to talk between each other.
        Some actually go into stuttering – WS did, age 4 – b/c the mouth cannot keep up with the mind. (WS had a speech therapist for a couple three months, age 4…fast learner)

        But this is how our minds work, flitting from topic to topic, making all kinds of connections most never hear.
        Works great when one finds a compatible mind; frustrating trying to make others understand.

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        • Yes, It would drive me crazy.
          I have to fight having multiple thoughts at the same time as well. That is why it takes so long for me to write even a comment. I have had to take speech therapy, and have taken public speaking classes as well. I now advise others on public speaking, and speak at public town meetings.
          He is the President of the United States who needs to speak in a way that most people understand, and stream of consciousness is not the best way to have yourself understood, especially when your country is depending on you.
          Too much is at stake.

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      • Lucille says:

        That’s sad, G&C. President Trump is a stream of consciousness kind of person. I do wish at times that he was more concise. But that’s not him. He is who he is. I love it.

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        • Hi Lucille
          As I wrote above: He is the President of the United States who needs to speak in a way that most people understand.
          What individual people think who support him (including myself) is right now of less importance than getting the greatest number of people to vote for him. That means getting the undecided and those ignorant of facts to listen to him speak the truth. Stream of consciousness is not the best way to have yourself understood, especially when your country is depending on you. Few people can follow this method of speech.


          • Lucille says:

            President Trump is NOT like any other President…I thought that was a given. His manner and the way he covers topics is the way he is at rallies. Have huge numbers of people been turned off when they went to those? Have they felt embarrassed or ashamed for him?

            George W. Bush was criticized constantly for his inability to speak well in public. In private everyone said he spoke fine and even commandingly. Bill Clinton could talk for hours off the cuff. He was so charming people said they would go see him about a problem and leave only to realize that he’d affected them so much they never got to the subject at hand.

            Some people simply are not good public speakers. Our President has been a winner all his life being just the way he was on Rush’s show. Why does anyone expect him to be different now from what he’s always been?

            In comparison to others in the Presidential races this year, President Trump is effective no matter how he communicates. As I said, he could be more organized when he speaks. He isn’t. And overall that’s fine with me.

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            • stella says:

              Reminds me of what I read somewhere yesterday (I think Facebook) that it was too bad that President Trump doesn’t have the public face that VP Pence does. I pointed out that if Pence had been running for President in 2016, today we would be saying “Madame President”.

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              • jeans2nd says:

                Pence drives me nuts. He hits a monotone while making a point, and that monotone just drags on and on and on…to the point where i’m screaming just say it already!
                But, Pence is a politician, and that’s what you get.
                Madame President …{{shudder}}

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            • I am neither embarrassed nor ashamed for him.

              The idea I guess I am unable to get across to people is that it is not for you, or I, or the hundreds of thousands at rallies that I wish he would clarify his speech pattern somewhat. It is for the UNDECIDED voters that we want to vote for him that I mostly wish he would just answer the questions directly.

              I am aware of Bush’s and Clinton’s, and other candidates public speaking abilities. I don’t care about them. They are in the past or are the opposition.

              In response to comments about Pence below – No I do not want him to be like Pence.

              I have multiple relatives who do not want to, or have decided not to vote for Biden, and will probably not vote at all, even though they are realizing how bad a Biden/Harris presidency would be. They do not want that. The problem is, they just can’t decipher or relate to Trump’s manner of speaking. Trump has our vote. Trump wants their vote. What I want does not matter. He already has my vote. Relating to them and getting their vote does matter. He does not have to morph into Pence, nor would I want him to. Just directly answering questions without hyperbolic additions would be a big help to getting the undecided vote according to those I have talked with that are not willing to vote Biden, but are having a difficult time moving over to Trump.


  4. Lucille says:

    First hour was fun and typically President Trump…no mincing words and obviously a good person proud of his good works who is trying to figure out just why the opposition is unhinged in their hate of him. Well, of course, there is no explanation when it comes to folks influenced if not entirely operated/guided from hell…except they choose to be influenced and run in such a manner. Until they repent of this sin, they will not change, won’t stop lying, or stop their personal ruination.

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  5. jeans2nd says:

    Rush is running straight through with no breaks, blowing right through the on-the-hour and half-hour station id’s (required by law), although our local radio blew through Rush for id and news.

    Not to mention this must be costing Rush a fortune, no commercial breaks, nothing.
    Will be interesting to see what the FCC and FEC do with this – fully expect the lawsuits have already been filed by now.

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  6. Lucille says:

    President Trump said he did not know about Barr’s refusing to release report until after the election. The President is being excessively ill-served since no one told him about this, yet see the time this was published:

    Bill Barr Gives China Joe a Kiss: AG Tells GOP Leaders DOJ Investigation into Obamagate Scandal Won’t Be Released Until AFTER Election
    By Jim Hoft
    Published October 9, 2020 at 8:12am

    Excuse me, but isn’t that Mark Meadows job…keeping the President informed? Come On!

    President Trump did say it’s going to be his first phone call after the “rally” with Rush. Billy better be prepared.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Mark Meadows, and thus Our President, is being excoriated for holding a 70 person wedding for his daughter in Georgia, in May when we were in the worst of the lockdowns.
      Even Georgia, whose Guv Brian Kemp’s rules were not that stringent, had limited gatherings to 50 people.
      Yet there is Mark Meadows, playing by his own rules, as usual, and hurting Our President.
      Don’t trust that guy Meadows.


  7. stella says:

    I’m impressed. Not only is Bob Dole still alive (97 years old), but is still tweeting. Seems to be of sounder mind than Joe Biden!

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  8. stella says:


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