Latest stories about vote fraud …

Just reporting!

Virginia …

Virginia election officials were begging for the public’s help Monday to try to figure out if any ballots had been stolen when six mailboxes at post offices were cracked over the weekend.

Post offices in Henrico County, Chesterfield County and Richmond were all struck some time between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning, the Department of Elections said. The department said anyone who dropped off a ballot at the six locations should call the U.S. Postal Service hotline to report it.

“Neither the department nor USPS has any information about whether any election mail was contained in the boxes,” elections officials said in a statement.

The mailbox thefts come as Virginia embarks on an expanded vote-by-mail operation this year, and could fuel worries over the process.

“So it begins,” wrote J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, on Twitter. “Vote in PERSON if you want your vote to count.”

The six post offices that saw their outdoor mailboxes cracked were at 4990 Sadler Place, 2000 Starling Drive and 2100 E. Parham Road in Henrico; 7510 Lady Blair Lane and 1201 Sycamore Square Drive in Chesterfield; and 805 Glenburnie Road in Richmond.

And in New Jersey …

Hundreds of pounds of undelivered mail was found in a dumpster in New Jersey including hundreds of mail-in ballots lending credibility to concern over the November election.

North Arlington, New Jersey Police Chief Scott Hedenberg confirmed the discovery of the undelivered mail on October 2, 2020. “Officers on scene did observe loose (rubber banded) bundles of mail, as described by the caller, which were secured on scene,” he said.

The dumped mail, including over 200 ballots, was discovered by local resident Howard Dinger who said he found the mail “dumped in a dumpster behind one of the banks I service.”

“I couldn’t believe it when I found it. that’s why I felt it necessary to call the police and report it,” Dinger wrote on social media. Dinger described the cache as approximately 300 pounds, including at least 200 ballots.


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2 Responses to Latest stories about vote fraud …

  1. FrankieZee says:

    Are these happening in Republican areas?

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Raheem Kasssam told of receiving mail-in ballots at his home in D.C. for residents who had been gone for more than 10 years.
    Kassam is a British citizen.

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