Coincidence or conspiracy?

If you have known me for any amount of time, you will know that I am always suspicious of conspiracy theories.

I am surprised that I am beginning to wonder if the number of Republicans in the White House and Senate who tested positive for Covid-19 in a period of two days might be the result of a deliberate attack, or if it is just coincidence.

The timing is suspect. The President’s positive test ensures that he won’t be campaigning in at least two of the next few weeks preceding the election. The three Senators on the Judiciary committee will hamper the hearing for the Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. The Senate vote will also be delayed, unless the Senate allows remote voting, which I don’t think is likely. Her confirmation probably wouldn’t pass with three Republican Senators missing from the Senate floor.

It certainly seems that all of this is suspiciously convenient for the Democrat party. Why aren’t any Democrats infected?

What do you think?

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32 Responses to Coincidence or conspiracy?

  1. WeeWeed says:

    There are NO coinky-dinks.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    You are not the only one mulling this over.

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  3. just stevie says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing Stella! Especially…why no Democrats??? Something stinks! 🙄

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  4. litenmaus says:

    I am seriously considering your line of thought as well Stella…

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  5. auscitizenmom says:

    Stella, I respect that you are very cautious about conspiracies. As for me, as soon as I heard about the First Family being stricken with COVID, I cannonballed into the conspiracy pool. I tried not to say too much, but it was hard. These Dems are a despicable lot and will do anything, anything at all to gain power. I expect someone to come up with some emails or texts bragging about how they did it. Too many coincidences to swallow at once without being suspicious.

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    • stella says:

      My thinking also is that if something nefarious happened (or is happening), somebody will leak info.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        Yes, I agree. I tried not to say much because I didn’t want to start rumors, but from the getgo alarms were going off in my head.

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      • Lucille says:

        My view is that it will not be leaked…especially if it is a foreign entity. Russia may kill their own, but based on Russian (USSR) character in the past, it’s not likely they’d kill a U.S. President.

        So it may be China whose leaders have no scruples plus they are in a total hate mode against President Trump in part because of loss-of-face they perceive was set up by him. What better satisfaction-revenge for them than making sure our President comes down with the Wuhan that they created?

        But, whatever, our President will survive and go on to win in one month. And we’re taking back to House which sends Nancy out of the line of succession. “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!”

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  6. stella says:

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  7. WeeWeed says:

    Listening to the team of doctors just now – I got the distinct impression that they already know exactly how PDJT was exposed. I shall try to patiently await the rolling of heads.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      The thing is, Xi and the CCP are the ones who started this whole thing going, and so far POTUS has only blamed Xi and the CCP. Cannot see him going after Americans – he hasn’t gone after any American for anything afaik – but i have been known to be incorrect, often, from time to time.

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  8. Menagerie says:

    The Dems will say they took precautions and he didn’t. At this point in time I suspect everything and everyone. They have proven they will do anything to stop him.

    I’m not much given to conspiracy theories either, but statistics would not fall in favor of all of this.

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  9. stella says:

    Prominent politicians with Covid (R’s):

    President Donald Trump
    FLOTUS Melania Trump
    Chris Christie
    Senator Ron Johnson
    Senator Mike Lee
    Hope Hicks
    GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniels
    Senator Tom Tillis
    Bill Stepien, Trump Campaign Manager
    Kellyanne Conway

    Any others?

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  10. stella says:

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  11. stella says:

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  12. WeeWeed says:

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  13. mugzey302 says:

    Why can’t the Senate vote remotely?? Queen Pelosi has been “ballot harvesting” the House votes for months!

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  14. lovely says:

    Cleveland Officials Traced COVID Cases Back to the Debate… Before Trump Was On-site

    Officials for the City of Cleveland said 11 cases of the Wuhan coronavirus could be traced back to the Sept. 29 presidential debate. The cases were a result of debate pre-planning and set-up, with the majority of cases impacting out-of-state travelers, particularly debate organizers and members of the media.

    The news comes after President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for the virus. Out of an abundance of caution, the president was transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday.

    “As the cases involve people in and out of state some of whom may be continuing to travel, the City of Cleveland is working with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the Cleveland Clinic,” the city said in a statement. “As part of CDPH’s process regarding COVID-19, any individuals who tested positive as part of the debate were contacted, interviewed when possible, issued isolation orders and provided guidance regarding their isolation period. There were also conversations with individuals who tested positive regarding their upcoming travel.”

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  15. MaryfromMarin says:

    I believe it was deliberately done. By whom, is the $64,000 question.

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  16. czarowniczy says:

    I’ll go back to my posts of 6 months ago – the whole damn infection’s suspicious. As both China and the Rats hate Trump there’s more than enough reasonable suspicion that the Chinese (with or without Rat help/encouragement) would have launched the infection.

    How coincidental is it that the Chinese scientists have released info well before the COVID, in professional meetings, that after the SARS-1 fiasco they identified about a hundred animal-vectored corona viruses? How coincidental that the virus broke out in Wuhan where the Chinese military maintains a major biowar facility AND the virus broke out just as the international CISM games were being held there, with over 9300 participants from over 140 different countries? No one seems to be (openly) investigating the fortuitous beginning of the infection at just the perfect event to spread it worldwide.

    How about the speed with which the infection hit even the most remote, isolated rural counties in the US, faster than many thought it could given the old models? How about the pressure on the WHO and UN exerted by China to NOT have either body declare the pandemic a pandemic. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO head, was slammed into place originally thru Chinese pressure and he returned the favor by delaying initial action on the pandemic.

    How about China so very quickly identifying the source of the infection and decoding its genome and coming up with a vaccine, the first few million doses of which will go to the frontline Chinese military. China’s been on top of this since Day One and that is suspicious in itself.

    Would I put it past the Democratic leadership to send an infected ringer into a position to infect staff in the WH, Congress and the President himself? Do you mean the same people that funded, supported and released the BLM and antifas thugs into the streets to steal private property, to murder police officers, to desecrate and burn synagogues and churches with a condemnation of these violent, terroristic and illegal activities? Gimme a break.

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  17. glendl says:

    0bama, Biden, and others having good things and well wishes for Trump’s health. This is the first time they have actually recognized as President by the Left. They have begged and near prayed for something to happen to him.
    That in itself is suspicious.
    I hadn’t even thought of Barrett.
    Until proven otherwise, I will go with conspiracy.

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  18. SGH says:

    I don’t know what to make of it. The timing is convenient enough to not consider it suspicious. On the other hand, and in reality, the Media wouldn’t fall all over themselves to report any Democraps contracting the China Virus. They’re probably sick, too, despite the endless control measures (masks, distancing, bathing in bleach… whatever) they claim to undertake.


  19. I think the whole covid virus is a conspiracy


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