General Discussion, Thursday, September 24, 2020

Isle of Skye


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  1. Lucille says:


    Have a blessed day!

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  2. Lucille says:

    If you need something entertaining to watch tonight, try this…

    Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot S03E01 – “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” [full episode length: 1:47:37]

    I thought I’d seen every TV episode and watched every movie ever created, but I don’t remember this one, though I do recall seeing the name before. Anyway, it is excellent from every aspect.

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  3. Lucille says:

    The always entertaining Carlos Osweda (aka Thomas Wictor)
    23 Sep, 30 tweets

    THREAD (on a number of topics starting with…
    “A nice Canadian lady sent ricin to @realDonaldTrump.”

    Being a Canadian, of course she has a bug up her exhaust pipe about American immigration policy.

    Read the rest at:

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  4. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ kids!

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  5. auscitizenmom says:

    mornin all. I’m really missing my little family now. But, I do have Facetime now and I can reach them and see them any time. I am going to try to rest up some more. Too much traveling in the last three months. But, there is so much that needs to be put back in place because I let it go. So, I do plan to get a few of those things, like laundry, done.

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  6. Morning all! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Beautiful pictures Of Scotland Stella. I wonder how they came up with such an almost magical name – the isle of Skye? That doggie must be well trained to sit for a picture, they are such an active breed!

    To continue with our autumn theme here is the fruit of the vine’s fall harvest, some Moet & Chandon champagne – the poster by Mucha:

    and here are the perfect antique Art Nouveau champagne glasses up for auction to fill with that champagne!

    Have a great day everyone! Have to run ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • Lucille says:

      We’ve seen much evidence that leftie souls are sold to the devil. It doesn’t matter in the least to them that innocent people get hurt and destroyed.

      The most amazing thing is that the Left has enslaved themselves and don’t even know it. You’d think that people wouldn’t willingly become slaves. But their discernment is so poor or non-existent they simply do not see their beliefs and actions are a trap and that it can affect generations of their families…and they are happy about it!

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  7. Menagerie says:

    I moved back to my home state a year ago. Thinking a lot about that this week. Iโ€™m not Vols fan, but they sure have the best school song ever.

    This is a short version, but Mother Maybelle makes up for that.

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  8. Lucille says:

    “During a rainy, cloudy morning at the Wild Goose scenic overlook on St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana, the sun peeped from under the cloud cover long enough to paint a golden-yellow swath across the face of the mountain for maybe 15 minutes before disappearing again. (Photo and caption by Rebecca Latson).”

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      Before I came to Alaska, I spent a year just a bit south of Glacier NP, in the town of Ronan, MT. Beautiful area. Lovely photo, Lucille, thanks. I so enjoy the beauty you share here every day!

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      • Lucille says:

        That must have been lovely to live among such a beautiful setting. Sometimes when looking at photos, the image is enjoyable. But then when it’s enlarged, the scene is breathtaking. Those moments make me think of the lyrics of “For the Beauty of the Earth”…
        For the beauty of each hour
        Of the day and of the night,
        Hill and vale, and tree and flower,
        Sun and moon and stars of light:
        Christ, our God, to Thee we raise
        This our hymn of grateful Praise.

        Glad you enjoy the finds.

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  9. stella says:

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  10. auscitizenmom says:

    Goodness. I thought I had my sign in problems solved. Nope. I can’t “like” or comment without signing in again. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • auscitizenmom says:

      Oops. Think I might have it. ๐Ÿ™„


      • czarina33 says:

        If your Mac is like my iPad, once I Log On under Meta (right hand column) I stay signed on until I turn the iPad off, or clear the cookies. Then I have to Log In again. If I just make a comment using the box that comes up when I want to Reply, it never saves my info. It only saves my info when I officially Log In under Meta.


        • auscitizenmom says:

          Okay. I think I have seen the same thing. However, now when I click on Stella’s Geeral Disc. page, it show me some of the comments and then never any more. I can read the new comments if I click on “go to the site”. (I think it is), but I can’t “like” from there.


  11. auscitizenmom says:

    Before I visited my family, my DIL had told me the oldest Granddaughter was reading. I was suitably impressed but, not prepared. Well, to say I was surprised when I first heard her is not correct. I was gobsmacked. She can read anything at all. I believe the books are at at least a 6th grade level. She reads to her little sister before they go to bed. Not sounding the words out, but reading with smoothness and emotions. She reads better than most adults I have heard. She just turned 5. And, her mother said she did this pretty much on her own. They were working on phonics and suddenly she was reading everything, like in 6 months. Homeschooling does work. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Of course, I am not sure that she is up to reading the Encyclopedia Britannica yet………..but let’s give her another 6 months. LOL

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    • stella says:

      My daughter started reading like that at the age of 5 also! I taught her at home and it was as if one day a big switch turned on and she went from sounding out words to reading fluently. And she COULD read from the encyclopedia! Have your granddaughter try it.

      When she entered 1st grade they put her in a 3rd grade reading group. She hated that!

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    • czarina33 says:

      My mother taught Kindergarten for 40 years, and she could teach even 3-4 yeast olds to read if they wanted to learn. Her system was so good the elementry schools her children moved up to had to go ungraded for the first 3 years because her graduates were so much better readers than those from other kindergartens!

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  12. Lucille says:

    The Balkans: Discover Which Countries Are Included in the Balkan Region of Europe

    Lake Bled, Slovenia

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