Progressives Defend Netflix ‘Cuties’, Attack Conservatives Disgusted by Sexualizing Preteen Girls

From the Bill Whittle group. Two things I want to remember:

  • The Left is defending “Cuties” in order to “own the cons”. Cons is defined as any decent, non-freaky normal people who don’t suck.
  • Back in the old days when movies couldn’t show much more than a bit of cleavage, there were movies that showed more in the guise of “educational” content, something that you wanted to see when you weren’t feeling so wholesome, and you’d get a lecture before the actual movie. The lecture was the thing you sat through in order to see the naked people you actually paid your money to see.  That, unfortunately, is what “Cuties” is. Yeah, there’s a message there but what it really does is lets sick people hide behind the message in order to look at young girls doing and saying things that young girls shouldn’t be doing and saying.

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9 Responses to Progressives Defend Netflix ‘Cuties’, Attack Conservatives Disgusted by Sexualizing Preteen Girls

  1. jeans2nd says:

    The maker of this movie should be made to explain herself to a room full of mothers with female children. Leftist or “con,” doesn’t matter. Heck, include both.
    Ordinarily would also recommend including baseball bats, but no bats would be needed for the maker of this movie, one suspects.
    Then tell us us how she feels about the movie she made.
    The vid’s men say nice things, but Dad wouldn’t have used any words…

    Wonder which message would be heard the loudest?

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  2. glendl says:

    There is a movement toward removing the age of consent so that all children can feel the love of a caring adult. That was a position held by Ruth Bader Ginsburg held before being put in the Supreme Court.
    She never retracted the statement and the gutless Republican Senators dared not ask if she still held that view.
    California is removing some of the laws that protect children, laws that apply to normal people This is something the GLBTQ has pushed for. A 22-year-old man having sex with a 14-year-old girl would put him in prison for 20 years. A 22-year old man would not suffer the same punishment if he were to have sex with a 14-year old boy. The same would apply to the initials above and the couple I missed. I will see if I can still find that article. I believe it is today’s news.
    = Several years ago, there was a major battle in Congress because the Democrats wanted to make pedophiles a protected class under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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  3. glendl says:

    I did not know this was a Marxist/Communist goal. But it makes sense, anything to get away from
    Christian morality or middle-class morality.

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  4. Robert Partington says:

    Encouraging my readers this week to abandon the service, as I finally did last week. Cuties was the last straw. Lots of competitive streaming services out there.


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