Tweet of the day – Can Joe come out and debate?

They just keep getting better and better!

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1 Response to Tweet of the day – Can Joe come out and debate?

  1. czarowniczy says:

    The whole Democratic Party seems to have taken too large a dose of Stoooopid Juice. Just saw where the mayor of Portland apologized to the residents of the building he lives in after rioters attacked and damaged the building as…well, he lives in it.

    He’s moving out of his condo because he fears rioters he’s indulged will attack the building and harm residents because he lives there. Rioters have burned and looted building there for 100 days now and rather than roll out the Guard to sweep these criminals from the street he’s going to move himself and try to prevent the people in his building from getting hurt, allowing the rioters to hurt others.

    Meanwhile Joe puts out some limp-wristed statement about violent COPS and rioters should face charges. That rankled some of his liberal co-travelers but he slithered back by dumping on police and people who think law, order and civilized behaviors are good.

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