Frei & Barnes’ latest take on the Bannon/Kolfage fraud indictment

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3 Responses to Frei & Barnes’ latest take on the Bannon/Kolfage fraud indictment

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    The real criminals here are the SDNY lawyers.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    Haven’t listened to this yet, but will tonight. Frei wa s great on his own but Barnes Law really adds to Frei’s vlawgs. Thanks much, Stella.

    Still say this is about Miles Guo much more than Bannon.
    Guo, nee` Guo Wengui, aka Miles Kwok and other names, is one of the CCP’s most wanted.

    Guo is a Chinese real estate and media billionaire who has denounced the CPP loudly, and in June 2020 declared the New Federal State of China with Guo and other Chinese ex-pats being the gubmint-in-exile.

    Bannon has been staying with Guo on Guo’s yacht for weeks now, anchored just off the U.S. coast. Bannon considers himself the savior of the Chinese people.The CCP considers Bannon slime and would love to see Bannon jailed.

    What better way to help the CCP’s desire for extradition of Guo, than with a trumped-up charge on Bannon to offer another “plea deal” if Bannon flipped on Guo?

    but you’ll never read all that in the papers. or hear on tv.

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  3. Lucille says:

    Super interesting! I think Barnes is right re the broader problem–outside of Bannon and Kolfage (sp?) being sued–is that SDNY will get donor lists and expose every single conservative (doxxing them, in other words) and find a way to prosecute the big donors. Thus the whole point of this aspect is to put fear into the minds of good, decent folks so that they do not donate to any conservative cause ever again.

    SDNY is full of deep state filth that would dance on all our graves. But, according to Nancy, we all would deserve it because we are “enemies of the state.”

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