Live: AG Barr testifies before House Judiciary Committee

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7 Responses to Live: AG Barr testifies before House Judiciary Committee

  1. stella says:

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  2. stella says:

    I’m glad they are showing the riots (which were characterized as peaceful protests.)

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  3. lovely says:

    Hakeem should be institutionalized actually a raving lunatic.

    No wonder the Democrats don’t realize how dumb AOC is, they have folks like Hakeem Jefries on their team.

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  4. lovely says:

    Barr stated under oath that he has appointed a prosecutor other than Durham to investigate the unmasking of General Flynn. <—<— Biggest news of the day that I have seen but I just started watching at noon (or around then).

    While responding to a question about Antifa AG Barr mentioned RICO and then said to not take his statement to mean that they are currently any RICO investigations involving Antifa.


    Hmmmmm…. a tip of the hand? I think Soros & company was just given notice that they better watch their backs. Clever way to get them talking……… to each other.

    The Democrats are raving like lunatics, like cornered rabid toothless racoons. I can smell their fear. Crazier than their normal crazy. They are almost breathless, one breath wonders…..

    “Unmarked vehicles!! BLMUnmarked vehicles!!” “Tear gassing elected representatives and old folks!!” BLM“You’re being mean to peaceful protestors!!” “Trump’s Troops breaking the bones of innocent peaceful protestors !!”

    Literally every single democrat who lectured AG Barr looked just like this, they were each and everyone interchangeable.

    “Russiagate is real!!” BLM“Orange man is bad!!!” “Should peaceful protestors have their bones broken by Trumps troops?” BLM“Are you just a bully for the president ?” “Keep John Lewis’ name out of your mouth!!!” “The protestors are peaceful!!” “Release the prisoners!!” “Save lives reduce the prison population!!” BLM




    Lunatics. Every single one.


    Contrast with AG Barr’s calm demeanor and well reasoned responses ;

    “This is a hearing I thought I was supposed to be heard.”

    Asked about a church cleric saying that Federal agents should not have dispersed Antifa while they were protesting around said church, AG Barr answered, “Was that before or after the church was set on fire?”

    “I disagree with your premise.”

    “I think I’m speaking English.”

    “Well madam it is not semantics, teargas is a specific thing, not semantics.”

    “You said under penalty of perjury, I’m going to answer the damn question.”

    AG Barr responding to nut case Joe Neguse (D) about the firing of Neguse, Neguse was screeching about Manhattan US attorney Geoffrey Berman, challenging AG Barr’s truthfulness when he said that Berman was stepping down, when in actuality Berman was being fired.

    AG Barr response about him stating that Berman was stepping down, “Well he may not have known it.” And then he laughs 😂.

    One blonde babe (McBath) You are you going to kill me I am a two time cancer survivor.”

    AG Barr “I have two children who have had cancer……..”

    Lunatic blonde babe “Sir Sir stop talking!!! I want to talk about gun violence….”


    In fairness not every singe democrat looked like the one above. Jerry Nadler stood out, after all of the democrats boorish behavior, their sheer ugliness, their perpetual rudeness, Jim Jordan asked the democrats “You have wanted AG Barr to testify and now he is here and you won’t let him talk.”

    At which point Mr. Nadler told Jim Jordon to;


    A bit later when AG Barr asked for a break so that he could eat something, the gentleman Nadler said no.

    Barr told Nadler “You’re a real class act.”

    Then Mr. Nadler consented to a break.

    Back from break and Barr is laughing in Rep. Dean’s (D-PA) face.


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