How much do you know about American history?

Remember the citizenship test I posted a link to a few years ago? It was included in this post, but the updated link is at the end of today’s post.

What’s it all about? Speaking Up!

Here’s some stats that you will find interesting:

If I remember correctly, most of us scored 90% plus on the 100-question test. Excerpted from the original post:

The “older folks” here have an advantage over some of the younger ones.  We attended school – public school for most of us – while history and civics were still taught, and we either learned the subjects, or we didn’t graduate from high school, because there was a civics test (mandated by the state, usually) that must be passed first.  I am pleased to say that some states are reinstating such tests, as I found this article from 2012, published in the Tampa Bay Times (no longer available on line):

FTA:  “A third of Americans can’t name any of the three branches of government. Fewer than half understand what separation of powers is, and twice as many can name a judge on American Idol than the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Survey after survey has shown that Americans lack basic knowledge about how their government works.

Here’s the link to several civics quizzes:

U.S. Civics Quiz

Take one of the tests, and see how you do compared to the average American:

“In 2008, ISI tested 2,508 adults of all ages and educational backgrounds, and once again the results were discouraging. Seventy-one percent of Americans failed the exam, with high school graduates scoring 44% and college graduates also failing at 57%.”

Have Fun!


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4 Responses to How much do you know about American history?

  1. stella says:

    I took the 100 question test and scored 98%.

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    • Sharon says:

      That’s excellent! I’m feeling a little wrung out so chickened out and took the 10 question one! And yes – I got them all right.

      I always enjoy the quizes, stella!

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      • stella says:

        I like quizzes too. One of the two I got wrong was about the amendment that outlawed poll taxes. I’ll probably forget it the next time the question comes up, if it ever does.

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  2. Mark Tulin says:

    good one. Our history is so important.

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