Live: Coronavirus Task Force holds White House briefing

Scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm EDT

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2 Responses to Live: Coronavirus Task Force holds White House briefing

  1. facebkwallflower says:

    “The Michigan Democrat’s plan would be financed by having the Federal Reserve create new money on behalf of the Treasury. To skirt the federal debt limit, the U.S. Mint would create two $1 trillion coins, and the Treasury would deposit them in its account at the Fed.”
    “Tlaib, a member of the small group of left-wing freshman House Democrats known as “The Squad,” described the plan as a “truly universal relief proposal.”

    The Pen-dulum
    53 mins ·
    “Just for a moment I want you to put aside the fact that this is the radical democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan proposing this insanity. Instead I want you to focus on what this democrat, like many other democrats, see as a pathway to seeking more consolidated power for themselves, by acquiring it through the increased numbers of those positioned into a place of government dependency. That dependency is predicated upon a need for some in our government to appear as the savior of the people. To political figures like Rep. Rashida Tlaib, we are victims by default who need to be rescued out of every perceived danger that presents itself to us. Especially in moments of personal crisis. A government that pretends to have every answer to all of our problems and ills is not a government; it is a god. It’s not our government’s job to rescue us from every perceived personal danger. That is ultimately how they end up controlling our lives in totality and in perpetuity.
    The article below speaks for itself in that Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s proposal is nothing more than big government welfare that has no real specific target, and even less accountability in its implementation. These big government, nanny-state democrats prove once again that they have little to no respect or regard for the taxpayers’ dollars of which they are supposed to be stewards of, but are not. This is not to say that some on the other side of the aisle don’t also hold this view at times. It’s just the difference of having an actual responsible plan that leads with transparency and accountability. You can’t just propose to dispense American tax dollars to every warm body that occupies space within America’s borders, as if everyone is instantly entitled to those tax dollars, or even the services that are facilitated by them. That’s not responsible or ethical governance. Representative Tlaib speaks foolishly and immorally in this time of one of America’s darkest hours.
    This in my opinion is an open attempt to take advantage of Americans in their height of fear and uncertainty. It is an opportunity for dishonest and power hungry politicians to lure Americans in who would surrender over their liberty and freedom in exchange for a morsel of security given to them by the hand of government. This is how dependency on government is created, then perpetuated. Control becomes the device and the condition of that security. I don’t need to explain that part; we’ve already seen it in operation. Social bondage is the return for compliance to government that will not voluntarily relinquish the control that it has been given. We have a fundamental duty as American citizens to preserve freedom and liberty by rejecting any notion of governmental solutions that call upon us to cede our individual rights and freedoms voluntarily. There is more than one way to resolve many of our hardships and moments of crisis that do not involve a wholesale takeover of freedom and liberty by our government. Those like Representative Rashida Tlaib who believe that they have the right to use government however they see fit, are the enemies of freedom, liberty, and the foundation that are constitutional representative republic is set upon. The ends do not justify the means; neither are all things equal in a society that is built upon the idea of individual freedom and liberty”.
    -Steven C. Davis

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  2. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Agree wallflower……


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