White House Press Briefing – 12:00 PM

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4 Responses to White House Press Briefing – 12:00 PM

  1. stella says:

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  2. FrankieZee says:

    Dr. Fauci looks scared. Is it because those e mails about him glorifying the Hilderbeast came out late yesterday. Or does Trump have something else on him?

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    • facebkwallflower says:

      Or, he told President Trump upfront, even about the 2005 research with medicine combo. Maybe the news of effectiveness coming out of Bulgaria first (yeah, about five days before other sources) was a ploy to protect the doctor. On the other hand I thought he seemed upset, also. There was a moment President Trump looked over at him that was interesting. I will try to find the time on replay and post.

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  3. facebkwallflower says:

    Thanks for being faithful in posting these briefings, Stella.

    Ok. This morning an American Thinker artcle
    ( https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/03/coronavirus-response-government-must-give-americans-clear-mission-beat-virus-save-economy/#slide-1 ) showed twice up in my feed from two pro-Trump conservatives and they agreed with it. I thought my response comment might be a bit too outrageous but then comes on The Daily Presser by our Most Honorable President and guess what most questions from reporters was? Their talking point questions were aligned with article! Here is the response I worried over (but no more):

    “The article just causing trouble. Fear of the unknown can consume as well as tap into our survival instict to solve things. Beware! nevertrumpers are thinking this is their moment to get Americans to see them as talking sense and being the mature ones in the room. This giving of enddates is as disastrous as at wartime telling the enemy enddate of when gonna stop fighting, gonna withdraw, how many troops being sent where and when. A promise date, attempting to control and move on, gives the enemy opportunity to undermine way too much. We are at war and this battle is going to free us from dependence on a communist country for most of of medicines and goods and supplies. All of which can and WILL be made here. This is a national security issue, and a slavery issue. China controls us and when this is over, it is going to be like post WWII for manufacturing and economy is gonna boom. Saving America economically and saving our soveirnty depends on NOT being trapped into maintaing same relationship with China. This must be treated as war strategy and China and Deep State (which article smells of), must be limited in the knowlege of battle plans.

    ‪Lets take just the first question in the three from the article, “We need an immediate answer to three questions: (1) When will we have the tests, masks, ventilators, hospital beds, medicines, personnel, and ability to quarantine in place to manage the virus? (2) What are we going to do to help workers and small businesses bridge the gap for the losses they incur as a result of government-mandated social distancing? (3) When are we going to end government constraint, and adopt testing and quarantine guidelines that give our economy the full green light?” ‬

    ‪How childish, and uniformed this question is. EVERYTHING to acquire these things requires working with unknown variables. Keep in mind most of these things are/have been controlled by China and outside of our country. A deadline for a test for an unknown virus? Ventilators? oh yeah, President Trump is suppose to give a deadline on something that, literally involves starting a production of a new product in unbuilt facilities. It was a big deal when Hummer H2 was launched from design-start to product off the line in a year, something that typically took three to five years. This has not been done since, by the way. Deep State, the very real alternative government operating in USA wants to control all these things, which is almost worse than China owning us. They do not want this handled the way things were handled during WWII when mfg plants of all kinds were converted to make needed war supplies, which in turn led to historical post-war economic boom based on capitalism. They want us dependent and thus, controlled by China(them). An end date promise and answers to these questions is to stir up shiiiit and serve no purpose but to make us feel good because we insist letting the fear of the unknown control us and give enemies within ability to control the outcome for the Deep State(Swamp) government to run everything”‬

    ‪BEWARE OF SERIOUS PSYOPS FROM ENEMIES within our own party.‬

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