General Discussion, Monday, March 16, 2020

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  1. Lucille says:


    Though I still think we’ve had a mild winter, turns out it snowed starting around 6:00 PM Friday and went to 6:00 PM or so on Saturday. If we had any cherry trees in the vicinity, they’d look like this…

    Should be snow-free for a week and then back to rain/snow.

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  2. czarowniczy says:

    Back in the olden days our area was home to a bunch of tung plantations. The trees produced tung oil that was in big demand back in the days when things were made from real wood, that’s the oil used to treat it. The DoD used it to treat every wooden gunstock in the military up until the plastic gun came on board.

    Over the years the US stopped using as much wood, furniture, gunstocks and other wooden things were being switched to plastic or epoxied veneer, the plantations were repurposed to other crops.

    Lots of the seeds escaped though and there are still lots of spindly tung trees growing wild. This time of the year they’re blooming and what they look like is a cherry flower, but much larger. They look like a fruit flower and they’re light pinkish from a distance and they pop up randomly all over, there’s one growing up and over the side of an interstate bridge, a huge gush of pink blossoms drawing your attention away from the huge truckstop below. There’s also about 200m yards of them growing in the trees forming a windbreak on a ranch just outside of town.

    They’re really lost in the undergrowth most of the year, a dull green like everything else, but for these few weeks they’re a showoff, I’ll see if Czarina can get some pix of the ones on our long driveway.

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    • Lucille says:

      Czar, must be pretty. Hope czarina can get a couple of pics. If you have any magnolia trees, maybe she could some photos of them if they are blooming.

      Take care!

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Oh yeah, this is Mississippi, magnolias be out state flower,we have at least three varieties growing wild and the Asian magnolia blooming like mad at our NOLA place.

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        • jeans2nd says:

          Always thought magnolias were Georgia territory. Live and learn.
          Mom spent her first 10 or so years in Laurel, but never mentioned magnolias. Are magnolias region-specific, perhaps?
          Mom’s fam were dirt poor, slept on the floor, not even furniture in their house, if that matters.
          Not being combative, am genuinely curious. Thx

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          • czarowniczy says:

            Magnolias grow into Ohio but down South they grow like mad. The Southern magnolia is Mississippi’s state flower and we have a swamp magnolia that pops up in open areas and is one of the first to reforest clear cut/burned areas.

            People might not mention them because they’re just here, like pines. Some people will just say ‘pine trees’ when we have 4 different types on our property. The state plants magnolias on state property and all along chunks of the interstate, they’re like, you know, just ‘there’,.

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          • JTR says:

            We Have a lot of Magnolias in Georgia, but our state tree is The Live Oak. The flower is The Cherokee Rose. The bird is The Brown Thrasher. The fruit is The Peach. The amphibian is The Green Tree Frog. The crop is The Peanut. The vegetable is The Vidalia Onion. The butterfly is The Yellow Swallowtail.These are just the ones I remember! I was actually born in The Poultry Capitol of The World, Gainesville, Georgia!

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          • auscitizenmom says:

            I always thought they were a southern tree, too. When I was homeschooling my son and he had a test and the question was whether the Mag tree was deciduous or evergreen. The answer in the book was deciduous. I corrected his paper and looked out the window, we lived in GA, in January at our magnolia tree with all its beautiful leaves on it. I looked it up and found that below the Mason/Dixon line they are evergreen and above it deciduous.

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      • czarina33 says:

        Lucy, that flower you posted looks like the Japanese magnolia, or Tulip Tree as we call it.


    • michellc says:

      Just read that New Orleans is policing the streets to force people indoors for endangering public health.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        The City has made the bars and clubs close on Bourbon Street, and other areas in the Quarter, close early at night – they usually stay open 24/7. As they are closed the PD is rousting drunks and malingerers off of the streets in the Quarter for public safety and for their own safety. Unsaid is that with the bars and clubs closed those crowds are the perfect target for thugs that prowl the Quarter.

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  3. Gary says:

    Good morning everyone, hope all is well in your respective “neck of the woods”.

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  4. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ kids!

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  5. michellc says:

    I have an auctioneer friend who regularly posts about liberals, government overreach, stupid people, etc. Most people who follow him are family, friends and those who attend his auctions. His auctions are held in Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, so people who agree with him. Nobody ever reports his posts.
    Yesterday he made a post that basically said(I can’t remember the exact wording) that governments have taken control of private events, private businesses, all of our lives, etc. all without ever firing a shot. That seemed to rub people the wrong way, with two particular women going off on him for not taking this seriously. He gave the flu numbers, the swine flu numbers and asked why don’t they shut the country down for the flu and why didn’t they shut the country down for swine flu? Then he was accused by these women of wanting people to die, even his 90+ mother. He told them he has common sense and doesn’t go visit his mother even when has a cold.
    This obviously infuriated them so that they had to report his post and get it flagged for threatening violence. So those who run FB holed up with their toilet paper apparently agree that disagreeing with government and overreaction is a violent threat.

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    • glendl says:

      Trump is president and whatever may prevent him from being re-elected is fair game. The Champaign, Illinois city council just gave the mayor tyrannical, and despotic powers, like banning the sale of ammo & firearms, alcohol, and something else. I will post this and see if I can find the article.

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      • glendl says:

        US City Prepares To Suspend Gun, Ammo Sales, Restrict Food & Water

        Posted by C. Douglas Golden

        In the Illinois city of Champaign, home to the University of Illinois, an executive order gives the mayor an unprecedented… Read more…


      • glendl says:

        Alert: Gov’t To Allow Suspension of Gun & Ammo Sales, Restriction of Food & Water in Illinois Town
        By C. Douglas Golden
        Published March 14, 2020 at 6:24am

        In the Illinois city of Champaign, home to the University of Illinois, an executive order gives the mayor an unprecedented level of power that would allow for, among other things, the suspension of the sales of ammunition and firearms.

        According to WAND-TV, Champaign Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen announced the executive order because of the novel coronavirus.

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        In addition to allowing the mayor to ban the sales of guns and ammunition, the executive order lets her restrict the sale and distribution of food and water as well as take the title to private property.

        The executive order also lets her ban the sale of liquor and would allow the mayor to shut down liquor stores and bars.

        WAND reported that the Champaign Municipal Code permits the mayor to suspend certain liberties for a limited period in times of emergency.

        TRENDING: Actor Nicholas Tucci Dead at Age 38

        These are, of course, potential remedies the town might take.

        As of yet, none of the powers that have been given to the mayor have been used.

        Advertisement – story continues below

        However, the list of powers that the mayor know has — decided on in a Friday meeting — is an unnerving look at what could be coming to your community.

        This is the full meeting, for those of you interested in how our freedoms die:

        By the way, as Katie Pavlich pointed out over at, there isn’t a single confirmed case of coronavirus in the area at present.

        Some of the provisions are relatively mild.

        The executive order allows the mayor to suspend parts of the state’s Open Meetings Act. It also bans the sale of gas “or other liquid flammable or combustible products” unless it goes directly into your vehicle’s gas tank.

        Advertisement – story continues below

        Other provisions are more sinister.

        For instance, the mayor’s office can shut off water, power, gas and other utilities. It can also close bars and taverns, as well as liquor stores.

        RELATED: NBC Reporter Breaks from Media’s Coronavirus Echo Chamber, Dares To Call Out Trump Haters
        Do you think this executive order is constitutional?
        Yes No
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        The two most dire provisions, however, would allow the mayor to declare a ban on the sale of firearms and ammunition, as well as obtain the title to private property “as may be necessary to deal with a disaster or emergency.”

        Advertisement – story continues below

        “The executive order allows the city to be flexible to properly respond to the emergency needs of our community,” Champaign communications manager Jeff Hamilton told WAND.

        “None of the options will necessarily will be implemented but are available in order to protect the welfare and safety of our community if needed.”

        Feinen insisted she’s had many of these powers all along.

        “So many of those powers, I have had from the beginning,” she told WAND.

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        “All we have done is enumerate them and now the public is aware of them. So, I am the liquor commissioner. I can shut down bars yesterday, I could have shut them down two years ago. Nothing has changed with respect to that, it is just that we have laid it out, so people are aware of that. In respect to the other items that are listed in the attachment, they have been listed in the city code for 15 years.”

        Let me reiterate that none of these things are going into effect in the immediate future.

        However, the fact that they needed to be outlined by the Champaign City Council doesn’t bode well for the future.

        It’s become clear that increasing government intervention is necessary to stop the spread of coronavirus.

        Advertisement – story continues below

        Fair enough.

        The success of that intervention, however, is based on trust. When you tell me I can’t exercise my constitutional rights and that you can take my property because of a disease, I don’t trust you.

        There’s no real reason to believe that these powers will stop COVID-19 — especially the part about the mayor being allowed to suspend gun sales.

        The reason for this is what — to prevent widespread societal breakdown? The idea that stopping people from defending themselves has anything to do with coronavirus is, quite frankly, the height of insanity.

        Advertisement – story continues below

        Furthermore, the reasoning behind it isn’t quite made clear.

        At least the executive order makes it clear why they might want your property; the executive order allows the mayor to order “city employees or agents, on behalf of the City, to take possession of any real or personal property of any person, or to acquire full title or such lesser interest as may be necessary to deal with a disaster or emergency, and to take possession of and for a limited time, occupy and use any real estate to accomplish alleviation of the disaster, or the effects thereof.”

        The part about restricting gun sales? Not so much.

        Instead, executive order merely says that the city may “[o]rder the discontinuance of selling, distributing, dispensing or giving away of explosives or explosive agents, firearms or ammunition of any character whatsoever.”

        Advertisement – story continues below

        Now, the City of Champaign’s official Twitter account put out a statement on its Twitter account pushing back against what it called “false claims circulating online.”

        Special Statement Clarifying City Code Provisions approved 3/13/20

        — City of Champaign (@champaigncity) March 13, 2020

        There is currently no firearm ban in the city and no immediate intent to close businesses, seize property or restrict alcohol sales, the statement said.

        Advertisement – story continues below

        But the statement conveniently forgot to address the problem, which is that the mayor can decide to do some of these things if she wants.

        And there are other problematic parts of the executive order, too.

        One can understand why a community might want to “[c]ontrol, restrict, allocate, or regulate the use, sale, production, or distribution of food, water, fuel, clothing, and/or other commodities, materials, goods, services and resources.”

        What, then, to make of a provision which would “[r]equire the continuation, termination, disconnection, or suspension of natural gas, electrical power, water, sewer, communication or other public utilities or infrastructure?” That one might have required some explication.

        Advertisement – story continues below

        Feinen told WCIA this is about “[m]aking sure that we are prepared and ready for any eventuality. I hope all of this is for naught and that none of the emergency measures we’ve put into place are necessary.”

        One hopes so, but it still doesn’t explain why we’re setting up the constitutional rights of citizens in that corner of America to be abrogated — and, more worrisome, why this isn’t coming to a town near you sometime soon.

        We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.
        Submit a Correction

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  6. stella says:

    Good morning, everyone! Excuse me if I don’t post much or interact today. My computer is getting slower and slower. It seems, from what I’ve gathered on line, that when an AC adapter isn’t properly detected as a Dell product, the computer automatically slows down, even if the AC is still working (mine is). Bastards!

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    • czarowniczy says:

      And now you see why I also dislike Dell. Just try and get rid of the crapware they install on your system that not only eats up memory but does heaven knows what else.

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      • stella says:

        When I bought this computer, I first bought an HP. I ended up returning it (total disaster) and ordered this one. At least I have a maintenance contract on this one, so my annoyance should be temporary. If necessary, it will be fixed here in my house by a Dell technician.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          Yeah, I have the ‘charger’ issue with my phone. If I use a generic cable I get an ‘Idiot, you’re not using a XXX cable so you’ll now slow charge’ message.

          It’s where we’re at, regardless of whose system you buy you’re stuck with their system, it’s built into the OS. I’;m seriously looking at a system with a Red Hat OS.

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  7. michellc says:

    While my husband is out conducting business as normal or as normal as possible, I told him if he went by a store to stop and get some potatoes and dried beans as our potato and bean supply is getting low. I was a little concerned there wouldn’t be any and I don’t buy either very often at the store. He said there were plenty of both. So I’m going to assume many of these with their hair on fire were never poor and don’t know how you can feed a lot of people for a long time with potatoes and beans. lol

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  8. Lucille says:

    Our President continues to conduct the nation’s business…

    U.S. Retaliates After Iran Picks a Fight
    An Iran-backed missile strike killed two American soldiers, so Trump hit back hard.
    Thomas Gallatin · Mar. 16, 2020

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    • glendl says:

      MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction – for the youngsters if there are any here) use to keep us out of a nuclear war with the USSR. That is not an option with Iran or other Shia.

      The Shia believe the Mahdi will return during a period of chaos and war, lead the faithful to victory over the Infidel and then lead the faithful to paradise to shit at the Left-hand side of Allah. This is a Win-Win situation for Iran.
      If they win the war, well, I just stated that above. If they lose the war and get obliterated, they still go to paradise and sit at the Left-Hand of Allah because they are martyrs for Allah.
      What can go wrong with a plan and belief system like that?

      The Sunni are not too keen on this End of Times scenario because they are considered Infidels to be killed. This mind-set has the Sauds cooperating with Israel from what I read from time to time.

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  9. Gary says:

    OK, so S.C.A.D. has cancelled classes through the spring semester. I shall leave for Savannah in the wee hours of the morning to retrieve my youngest son and my daughter in law…..and her best friend….and a service cat. Anybody along I-95 need anything while I’m out?.lol

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  10. litenmaus says:

    Yesterday our illustrious Dem Governor, now running for State Senate, decided that we too should join the rank of responsible citizens and he closed our schools and shut down travel by State employees and he determined limits of group participation for sporting events etc……

    Students will be schooled ‘remotely’ however, we have ‘remote’ parent who don’t have internet access. Well gosh golly, arrangements have been made that any outlying parent that doesn’t have internet access will go to the top of the list if they have a school child and at no cost, those residences will now be provided internet access & computers so their child can do remote schooling. Of course the reality of logistics is that it will take weeks, if not months for some of this and no one quite knows what those parents will do while they wait…..

    Staff will continue to provide free meals, but aren’t sure whether they are going to have to deliver the meals to all outlying students, or whether parents who can’t afford to feed their children will have money to pay for gas to run to the school to pick up their ready cooked meals. That right there is gonna take a couple of weeks to work the kinks out of.

    The local hospital and clinic have been shut down to outside traffic. One may no longer walk into the emergency rooms. At the moment there are four doctors who are sequestered and living at the hospital, but no further elective or non-critical surgeries are being scheduled. Volunteer EMT’s are beginning to question their commitments, seriously, if the ER is closed, what exactly does an ambulance crew do if their patient is turned away? That might be resolved fairly quickly, but the Governor made travel by State Agencies against the rules, so….any on site assistance from the State services is unavailable.

    And it appears that there are now ‘roving’ groups who come from the cities and swarm rural grocery stores, emptying out the shelves and returning to the cities with their ‘hauls’….Security guards are beginning to appear in grocery stores.

    On Friday our local WalMart shelves were empty…no cleaning supplies, no toilet paper, no milk, no bread, no canned soups……WalMart brought out one pallet of toilet paper at a time and had four employees who handed out a limit of one package of toilet paper per customer in attempts to calm down the shoppers….

    Absolutely crazy!!!

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    • michellc says:

      I have a friend in Arkansas whose sister’s second job is at WalMart, she was slapped by a woman because she told her it wasn’t her fault she had no toilet paper and they had a delivery coming Tuesday.
      Sorry the fight would have been on if someone slapped me, which I guess was about to happen until security was Johnny on the spot and led the woman out, called the police who said they couldn’t charge the woman. She did receive a lifetime ban from that WalMart.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      As I said elsewhere I had to make an ’emergency’ Walmart run this AM. I went to the Louisiana Walmart 15 miles east vice the Mississippi Walmart 20 miles south – both have shortages but they’re short on different things. The MS store is out of eggs while the LA store has plenty. The LA store has lots of water but the MS store’s always running out – probably more in the LA store as a lot of its clientele has well water. It makes no sense, the Walmart folks agree that it’s hurricane behavior, foiks are acting just like they do after a hurricane warning.

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  11. michellc says:

    People are insane. On an Oklahoma “conservative” group they posted the WH was having a PC today and people started commenting, too little too late, those are the liberal trolls, most who don’t even live in Oklahoma. Then you had the insane Oklahomans chiming in that the governor thinks it’s all fun and games and is doing nothing to save Oklahoma citizens. Granted I’m not a fan of our governor, but they’re having fits all over him going out to dinner with his family. So I asked them what exactly they wanted him to do shut the state down like other states who are just making the problem worse?
    Of course to these so called conservatives, that’s exactly what he should do, shut down all schools, businesses and order no gatherings over 50 people. So I informed them they have their big cities doing just that overreaction, so why does he need to do it. They say because other areas aren’t doing it and they’re endangering lives.
    So I give them a dose of common sense, if you’re that worried you have every right to keep yourself shut up in your home, nobody is forcing you to go out and eat, nobody is forcing you to go to any events. So do you need the governor to force all inside business to close to keep you from entering them?
    I was told I was being reported for making threats. lol

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  12. Lucille says:

    Basically my April has been cancelled. Part of my Canadian family was traveling down to see me and I had all kinds of things lined up, both for fun and to assist me in projects. Alas, they all work for the government and have been banned from traveling. Bummer!

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  13. czarowniczy says:

    Oh oh…the NIOLA mayor just basically shut down the city. Bars, malls, entertainment venues and restaurants are SHUT DOWN. Restaurants will be flat out closed but will be able to do take-out, drive-thru and delivery. So far, though the city’s trying, to get $$$ to tide over the huge number of service personnel who are now SOL the state’s still saying that each case will be reviewed to see if it meets criteria. The State can’t get its act together during normal times, this is going to be a goat rope.

    BTW, local TV station has a ‘text us your COVID-19 question’ number so I asked: “As the government and hospitals are using a fever as a primary screening criterion…what if the person is taking anti-inflammatories? That will not only reduce the fever but allow the virus to flourish.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      The ‘I’ in NOLA is for ‘infected’. The gov was giving a speech wherein he limited the number of people in any gathering to 50…right in the middle of the speech someone handed him a note telling him that the Federal government’s said gatherings of ’10’. Be prepared, gov.

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  14. Lucille says:

    The Coronavirus: Reports of Death Of Compassion Seem Exaggerated
    By IRA STOLL, Special to the Sun | March 16, 2020

    “Pandemics Kill Compassion, Too,” is the headline over a David Brooks column in the New York Times predicting that the coronavirus is about to “inflame class divisions.”

    Well, if the New York Times editorial page is going to use the pandemic to confirm its prior assumptions, let me seize it to confirm mine, which is that news organizations can take the same set of facts and spin them in radically different ways.

    Where Mr. Brooks sees a heightening of class divisions and a death of compassion, I see a narrowing of class divisions and an amazing outbreak of compassion.



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