Today’s Twitter picks …

What’s at stake today for the Democrats.

Probably true. Also, he has said some really sensible things lately. That obviously can’t be allowed. Example:

“I have my own views of the word ‘socialist’ and I’d be glad to share them with you in private. They go back to the early 1950s. I have an attitude about them. I remember the Cold War,” he said.

Matthews continued, “I have an attitude towards [Fidel] Castro. I believe if Castro and the Reds had won the Cold War there would have been executions in Central Park and I might have been one of the ones getting executed. And certain other people would be there cheering, okay?”

President Trump. Four more years!

I didn’t realize that she was still running.

He has a point. Reminds me of Weekend at Bernie’s.

I honestly can’t believe that anyone takes Biden seriously.

I wonder if Hillary will really show up in court.

I wish more people would ask this question.

More illegal immigration via Turkey.

He speaks the truth.

Awww. Poor Lisa Page is upset. You tell her, Dr. Borysenko.

There were so many good interviews at the rally in Charlotte. RSBN did a really good job finding and talking with people. One woman was the granddaughter of the Admiral of the Cuban Navy during WWII. She said that her grandparents and parents ended up in Miami with nothing.

Mocking Christians will not go down well in our country, even now.

Isn’t that the truth? Spoken eloquently by our friend, WaltzingMtilda!

I’ve wondered about this. Always thought that there must be pro-life Dems.


Praying for those who have died, who are injured, who have lost their homes. The worst kind of storm is one that hits at night.

Who knew they were so cute?

Charlie’s prayer.

Have a great day!

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4 Responses to Today’s Twitter picks …

  1. czarina33 says:

    Maybe Chris Matthews has done a Dershowitz and seen the light.

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  2. Lucille says:

    I’m sorry but pro-life Dem Kristen Day tees me off! She looks old enough to have been a registered Dem for at least 20 years. Hasn’t she been paying attention to the DNC agenda, the platform, the leaders, the feminist protestors who were all pro-abortion even when they called it pro-choice? I know; I was there.

    After Roe v. Wade, where were Dems? Why we were all for it? We thought abortion was a feminist right! I didn’t know a single Dem in those days who was anti-abortion. We were all caught up in the emotion, in the heady feel of the raised fist and the ability to tell the office males to make their own damn coffee! Abortion was just another thing a woman had to do to get on with her life without encumbrances. Why we were free as birds to live our own lives the way we wanted. What a crock!

    I’m glad there are a few Dems in 2020 who are anti-abortion or pro-choice tending toward anti or whatever they think they are. But individual pro-life Dems SHOULDN’T GO PRETENDING THEY ARE NOT CULPABLE. The Dem party is rotten to the core. It can’t be reformed!

    Listen, Ms. Day, all the information you need to walk away from the Party of Death is on the Internet. Read it! Abandon the Dem party that doesn’t hold life sacred. Others have done it. You and your movement are meaningless to the party. Form your own party if you have to, but ceasing belief in the other Dem agenda items and lies should be on your list, too. If you value life, justice, and liberty, just leave!

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  3. MaryfromMarin says:

    The immigrant rush at the Greek border is an invasion attempt, pure and simple–aided, abetted, and promoted by Turkey. It is an attempt to Islamize Europe, and thus take it over.

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