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  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Too true.


  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Yes indeed…


    As I did my walk today I noticed people walking around with masks on 😷😷😷


  3. czarina33 says:

    Been in two hospitals in two days, no masks except as appropriate when working with certain patients. None in the stores or restaurants either, but we are suburban to rural, and no “alerts” reported in the news re COVID 19 nearby.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    Local news is reporting that the Surgeon General says the number of coronavirus cases in the US has ‘SURGED!’ to past 100! Louisiana governor’s on the news telling the state (illiteracy rate ~20%) that his administration’s out there on the front lines personally leading the charge to keep the coronavirus out of Louisiana! Meanwhile the new cancer-spewing plant he’s allowing to built along the Mississippi’s chugging right along.

    New Orleans (illiteracy rate ~26%:) mayor is out on the Tee Vee telling everyone her administration’s out there on the front lines personally leading the charge to prevent the coronavirus from creeeeeping into the city. Meanwhile the Hard Rock Hotel that partially collapsed last October is still tottering over the city’s main street with no definite date for remediation. It’s fully come out that the inspectors in her administration who were charged with making sure the incorrect practices that led to the collapse didn’t happen pencil-whipped the inspections, they were miles away from where they said they’d be at the times they said they were inspecting the site.

    As both the mayor and the governor are Democrats one wonders first why they feel they need to shortstop each other but with their record of exposing the public to hazardous issues, why should we trust them? The city’s Safety and Permits Department has killed more people in New Orleans than the coronavirus.

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    • lovely says:

      Some folks need a horseshoe applied to their throats.

      Surging like a tsunami.



      An opinion.

      All politics are optics. <<(Well this statement is fact not opinion).

      From all non-hysterical sources it seems that the coronavirus is another variant of a very nasty flu (Chinese manufactured or not) very contagious but not more deadly than most other flu strains. The death rate is only slightly higher than most flus and given the China equation that number is quite possibly skewed. The venerable as with all diseases are of course more likely to die or suffer severely.

      It is clear that the democrats are politicizing this to hurt President Trump.

      Other than the fear mongering it seems that the democrats who preside over mostly nasty cesspools of districts and states may have their eyes on another “good use” of a crisis. What a way to clean the streets of the homeless problem. The skid rows of our cities are littered with people in ill health from street life, drug abuse, Aids ect. Imagine how fast the virus is going to spread amongst them once it hits, (especially in warm climates) and they are not going to go to the doctor basically insuring that whole communities are going to become ill and die in disproportionate numbers from the general population.

      Imagine the optics.

      Bodies Soylent green style being scooped off the streets.

      All to the gleeful merriment of Team Obama/Clinton.

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