Boris Johnson hails Brexit ‘moment of hope’ in address to the nation as UK leaves the European Union

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7 Responses to Boris Johnson hails Brexit ‘moment of hope’ in address to the nation as UK leaves the European Union

  1. stella says:

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I am so glad this has finally happened.

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  3. rumpole2 says:

    As a child (in UK) and later as a teen and older in Australia and NZ, I was aware of all the Shenanigans leading up to UK joining the EEC (a Trading block only… they said)… actually being Vetoed by France’s Charles DeGaulle. The “Trade block” was set up to compete with UK… subsidize inefficient French farmers was a big part of it. Once De Gaulle died… UK got in, but it meant shafting Commonwealth countries like NZ and Australia… particularly NZ whose economy was based on being a farm for UK market (especially during the war). To be fair, UK did negotiate a “transition period” for NZ to diversify it’s economy, but “times were tough” for the NZ economy. We survived, obviously, but it left a bad taste to have been shafted by some European Countries, that NZ had helped save in WW2. The rest is history as they say…. The EU clearly has globalist delusions of grandeur now… Parliaments in Brussels and Strasbourg, a European Court of justice and soon an army etc.
    I was pleasant surprised that UK BREXIT managed to win the Referendum… I don’t think it would have happened if they had delayed much longer… the Leftist/globalist force is STRONG in UK. Thank heavens they have managed to get a foot out at least… I have hope that Boris will make it and proper BREXIT.

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  4. Re-Farmer says:

    So happy for Great Britain! A hard won freedom. I look forward to Western Canada following the UK’s lead and going independent!

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