Today’s Twitter bits …

Right, Sundance!

Bravo, fellow Michiganders! Now, if enough of them would just vote for a Republican Senator …

I can’t understand what a person like this thinks.

Well, of course he doesn’t! (Love this photo)

I thought guns like this were banned there? (They are) How could they be firing?

What will happen next?

Especially when a famous person dies. We should all be pondering this question.

Politics is entertaining, particularly Presidential politics.

How can the citizens of California continue to support Democrat politicians? Are they deaf, dumb and blind?

I agree. Many politicians have ceased serving their constituents.

He’s right, and this is unbelievable. I thought at first that this must be a hoax.

And I mean it!

That’s right, Mindy!

So sweet. Just think – only a few short weeks ago, this was just a “clump of cells”. Sorry. I’ve been involved in a Twitter fight about abortion the past couple of days.

Charlie’s prayer.

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

This was a good song to start this day. It has always been a favorite of mine.

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