Today’s Twitter hits …

The video is Tlaib being thrown out of Trump appearance in Detroit.

Good idea.

Most of us think of the NYT as “something else” now. FTA:

Dean Baquet, the executive editor of the New York Times, said recently that, after the Mueller report, the paper has to shift the focus of its coverage from the Trump-Russia affair to the president’s alleged racism.

Arrogant snob is the right term.

All true.

It’s par for the course now. Trump voters aren’t fooled. The rest are stupid or too far gone.

They are disgusting.

She really is pretty dumb. That wouldn’t matter so much if she wasn’t so hateful.

This appears to be a fair summary of the situation.

This just gets better and better …

Business owner is forced to move her business because of the serious problem with the homeless in Sacramento.

She’s right. The churches are there to guide human beings in the way they should go. Normalizing sin and being buddies with sinners isn’t the way to do it. And they wonder why attendance is falling. If people want friends to party with, it’s more fun at the local bar.

And a smile to make my day!

Charlie’s prayer.

Have a great day in this great country of ours!

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4 Responses to Today’s Twitter hits …

  1. Lucille says:

    I always love Charlie Daniels thoughts and his prayers. He’s in Nampa, Idaho today, which is way down south from the Panhandle and near our capital of Boise…a 7 hour drive but not as the crow flies…all roads make for rather round-about ways to get there. Population is around 88,000.

    The train depot built in 1906 is a landmark to see…

    …and beautiful Lake Lowell…

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Some heavy tweets today. That one about Tlaib and Omar is just disgusting.

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