This morning’s Twitter hits …

It’s as if we are living in a bad novel.

See? Even the Washington Examiner agrees that it is a farce. Definition of farce: A comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.

I sometimes wonder who initiates a false story that is repeated by all of the major media sources. I think some of them are almost spontaneous, fed by a hatred of the President and the rest of us Deplorables, but others are obviously planned.

Social media bias has become ridiculously obvious. This is just one more example of that.

Evil, evil, people! The IBWC is the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC).

Here are other stories about this:

IBWC locks ‘We Build the Wall’ gate open citing permit issue

Apparently they are in cahoots with the ACLU.

In case you’re interested. I’m sure they will also ask for a donation.

This poor man has been harassed beyond which most people could withstand.

Yes, he is. There are a few who give me hope for the future of our government.

I am not a Catholic, so I will not understand how my friends who are Roman Catholics think and feel about this. I believe he truly has seriously considered this decision, and I wish him all of the best. I believe he has many good things to experience and to do in the years ahead. On direct questioning by Martha McCallum, he says definitely that he is not considering any particular person to marry, but he has said that marriage and children are something that he has missed. See the interview at the Twitter link.

Some fun with Carpe Donktum.

That is good to know.

My answer to AOC on Twitter:

This is interesting. I know the fountain of youth was found in Florida by Ponce de Leon, but this?

Yes, indeed! Let me be grateful for the wonderful life I have been given. Let me see God in all of the wonderful and beautiful things of this earth.

Have a wonderful day!


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11 Responses to This morning’s Twitter hits …

  1. lovely says:

    Catholic convert here.

    Unless he has been released from his vows he is still Father John.

    If he never felt the call but became a priest to please others then he should walk away.

    He has other options, he can become an Eastern Rite Priest and be allowed to marry.

    I was good friends with a priest who left the priesthood, he told everyone that he was leaving because of the vow of celibacy, that he wanted a wife and children, but that there was no relationship that he was leaving because of, it turned out that there was a particular woman.

    Dolan is an ass. (Sorry but he is.) That Father John leans on him for solid spiritual guidance is a red flag.

    I have never (at least in my memory) seen Fr. John before he made this decision/announcement. Personal read on him is that something is odd. He is overly sincere, trying to convince in my opinion.

    I am a word person and my eyebrow went up when he said that he had a relationship with a person when he was 28. As a priest I would expect him to say woman since he is involved, heavily(?) in the media he has to know that he should have said woman.

    Bottom line is if he never felt the call to be a priest, if he became a priest to please others, which was the case with my friend, then he should walk away.

    PS. Something that non-Catholics may not realize is that priests get hit on all of the time.

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    • stella says:

      I’m not Catholic and have no opinion about the church or priests. Just a comment on your comment. He said he misses marriage and children, which would probably indicate that he is talking about a woman partner, although these days it’s not an absolute assumption.

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  2. Menagerie says:

    After thinking about this all day, I have a comment to make out of respect and further understanding, I hope. Stella, you and I again recently had the brief conversation about people who disagree with a post and have to jump in and ruin it instead of realizing they do not have to agree with everything. As with lovely’s comment above, that is not the spirit in which I am making this comment.

    I have learned a lot from all of you guys, and I respect your view points as you all do mine. I have never felt censored or scorned here, and living in the South, Catholics sometimes face that IRL.

    If each of us had a friend we admired and looked up to, a man who was a good, solid family man who had a wife and say, five or six kids, we would not admire him if he up and abandoned his family. He could say it was well thought out, that he just made a mistake and the life was not what he felt called to live out for the rest of his life. But if he abandoned his wife, a woman he vowed before God (yes, I am assuming a sacramental marriage here, not that I view a secular one as less of an obligation) to love, honor, protect and be with forever, in sickness and health, we might not like it but before too long it would be just another failed marriage no one would think much about.

    In this pretend scenario the man leaves his wife and kids. He leaves their care solely to her day to day. I don’t think I have ever met a person who would be okay with that, think their friend was doing the right thing, even if they believed he had to struggle to remain true to his wife and family, to stay in the marriage, most people would believe that is what he should do. Most people would believe the choice was already made.

    That is how we Catholics believe priesthood is. A priest is a spiritual Father, but oh, so much more. He recieved Holy Orders, he is given from Jesus the very power to transubstantiate the bread and wine. He is when he performs so many of his duties, in persona Christi.

    The additional fact that so many non Catholics admire and respect this priest tells me that he was well suited to his vocation, effective and productive, his abilities and talents bringing in good fruit in a time when it is so very needed by our Church.

    Men are not pushed into the priesthood. Many families are reluctant to give a son over. Not only will they never have a family, but their life is not their own. They basically give up everything, including their own normal contact with family. No, they absolutely are not cut off, but they are busy, incredibly busy. They won’t even be in the same town, maybe not the same state.

    Once a young man expresses interest in becoming a priest there is much assistance on the part of the Church, and of many priests and bishops to help him discern whether he has a priestly vocation. This goes on for years and years. Not to mention that it is very, very hard to even pass muster and be accepted as a candidate.

    As I stated before, it is a calling from God, not a “Woop, woop, we got another one signed up” moment. The Church wants priests who have a legitimate vocation, but believe it or not, she does not want to ruin a man’s life.

    Yes, people make wrong decisions. Not everyone knows their own mind. No human is perfect. But to me, and most Catholics, to lose a priest is a heartbreaking moment, for them, and for him. It is simply not an “I changed my mind” decision.

    I pray for him, for all priests, and especially those who struggle and suffer.

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    • lovely says:

      I agree with all that you said Menagerie. And I don’t find it in conflict with what I posted.

      The one area where would have witnessed different scenarios is “Men are not pushed into the priesthood.”

      My friend, who was a seminarian when I met him and never once expressed any doubts about his vocation to me, was definitely pushed into the priesthood, he did it to make his mom happy, but mostly to make his grandma happy. He was a traditional, faithful, fruitful priest, people loved him and he brought young people into the Church, but like the deceptive “happy” depressive, he was miserable.

      That John Morris as a young seminarian went to a priest who was considered to be a revered spiritual guide and told him that he had a one night relationship with a person and added the caveat that he did not want to continue in the ordination process but was told by the spiritual guide to simply never speak of it again and had his ordination pushed up by two years gives me concerns.

      I’m not condoning Father John’s choice, nor am I condemning it.

      Father John is married to the Church, he is leaving that marriage, it is a grave tragedy and a sorrowful loss. As the Church grants annulments also with great sadness she lets some of her spouses go.

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      • Menagerie says:

        I agree, it is not the case that a young man is never pushed, but as a rule, I believe they have and are encouraged to have freedom of choice.

        I also mostly view this like I do the me too movement. You have a choice, even if under pressure. By the time a man has made it through seminary, even if he was a young man when he entered, he is a man, not a boy.

        I recognize that every situation is different, and as you said, the Church must let some go, should let some go. But they entered freely into Holy Orders, as you said, a marriage. It is not a revolving door.

        I think that we are such a screwed up society that it is not just that there are fewer young men and women choosing religious life, fewer are capable of making a good, free and devout choice. Few are truly prepared for any vocation, marriage included, but especially a religious vocation, and I am not talking about the giving up of self, the long hours, the prayers, etc.

        I am talking about the maturity to examine choices, to look into the future, to pit one choice against another, to realize the enormity, and the finality of many choices. The ability to see the depths of life and what little we can grasp of what might come at us from our choices. The potential joys and heartbreaks, the callings, the responsibilities.

        I think that our society has across the board less well prepared young people for any hard life and tough choice. In some cases it is like putting a parapalegic in boot camp.

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  3. stella says:


    If you haven’t read about our fight against the unaccountable open-borders globalists at the IBWC (International Boundary and Water Commission) please see my previous emails regarding this critical campaign to CLOSE THE GATE.

    I’ve got some important updates for you. First off, the IBWC’s Lori Kuczmanski issued a press release to rally the fake news after publicly retweeting the ACLU. If you’d like to contact her and ask how she can possibly explain assisting drug and human smugglers by locking the gate open she can be reached at (915) 832-4106 or by email at or on twitter at @lkuczmanski75.

    ***Make sure to use the hashtag #CloseTheGate***

    Next, the phone calls are working. The voice mails are full and most people aren’t getting through but that just shows it’s working. Keep calling the IBWC at (202) 647-8529 and (915) 832-4100.

    Finally, the social media campaign #CloseTheGate is picking up steam and Congressman Paul Gosar has even jumped in to offer his support. Please let him know you appreciate his support!

    After you’ve called, emailed, and/or tweeted you can help us by sharing this important call to action with like-minded Americans. We may need people to join us at the wall in the coming days because ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, we are going to CLOSE THE GATE. I’ll keep you posted.

    You can also make sure we have all the resources we need to fight them legally and politically by making a new contribution to

    Please take action right now! Our wall and country depends on it.

    God Bless
    Brian Kolfage

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Please keep posting these tweets, Stella.

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  5. stella says:


    The Gate Is Locked and Closed!

    The IBWC has decided to close and lock the Border Wall gate we built tonight and every night going forward! They will only be opening the gate at intermittent times during the day as necessary going forward.

    Further calls to the IBWC are no longer necessary and WeBuildTheWall looks forward to working with them as we continue to secure other segments of the border that they operate on. You can support more victories and more segments of wall by chipping in using our new payment processor.

    We do not want to gloat as we are going to be working with IBWC again on other segments of border wall we are planning. Please help us spread the word that further calls to the IBWC are no longer necessary.

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